Bill’s Bible Basics Blog Restarted From Scratch


“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
Romans 8:28, KJV

Dear friends,

Due to corruption somewhere in some of my mySQL database files, and despite my best efforts to correct the problem, all of the entries on my Bill’s Bible Basics Blog for the past five plus years have been completely lost.

As a result, if you click on any of the images or links which are posted on any of the eight social networks in which I participate — that is, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Blogger, Twitter, LinkedIn, Klout and Pinterest — you will either get a 404 error message in your web browser, or else your web browser will attempt in vain to connect to the corresponding page on my blog, but will never connect, being as that particular page no longer exists on my blog.

Thankfully, I do have multiple backup copies of all of my work, including all of my articles — several hundred of them — all of my graphics — over 3,300 of them — all of my poems — close to 200 of them — and all of my KJV Bible verse lists — over 560 of them. In fact, I conduct two automated daily backups of my entire internal hard drive to two external hard drives.

The problem with losing my BBB Blog contents occurred because the corrupted mySQL database files — which contain all of the above-noted content which you see on my BBB Blog — were ALSO copied over to the two external backup drives during the previous day’s two backups.

As a result, without any clean database files, I could not start up my mySQL server, because I had no non-corrupted database files to use. The mySQL server just kept crashing repeatedly, no matter what I did.

In short, because of this mySQL database problem, I have been forced to rebuild my BBB Blog completely from scratch. This means that you will currently not find any graphics, poetry, KJV Bible verse lists, or any other commentary on it, other than what I add to it from today and forward. Over 400 pages — or over 4,000 blog entries — were lost due to this problem.

Yes, such a great loss is rather disheartening, considering how much time, hard work and energy I have invested in my blog over the past five plus years. But what can I do, other than start all over again?

However, in a way, this development is a blessing in disguise, because as some of you will know, for quite a long time now, I have actually been updating and improving thousands of my graphics. However, all of the older versions of those same graphics were still available on my blog. Now they no longer are. Likewise, I have been expanding my original KJV Bible verse lists by adding new verses to many of them. So, again, with this mySQL problem, all of the original KJV Bible verse lists are gone as well, and only the expanded newer versions are now being added each day.

Another piece of good news is that my actual Bill’s Bible Basics website was not affected by this mySQL database problem, being as the web server is separate from the mySQL server. As a result, you will still find all of my articles, as well as all of my KJV Bible verse lists on the BBB website. There is a link to it near the top of this page in the black menubar.

You will find a full list of my articles on the website’s home page at the following URL:

If you wish to go to the index page for all of my KJV Bible verse lists, you can likewise use the following URL:

So, modern technology is not perfect. It does occasionally have serious glitches. However, we continue to march on! 🙂

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