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For many years now, certain Christians have associated such prophetic events as the Mark of the Beast, the 666, the Beast, the False Prophet, the Antichrist and Babylon the Great with the Roman Catholic Pope and the Roman Catholic Church in general. While Bill Kochman is strongly opposed to a lot of Roman Catholic doctrine, and believes that it is false, misguided and non-Biblical, he does not believe that the Roman Catholic pope is the Antichrist or the False Prophet. For a more in-depth look at his views regarding Roman Catholicism, please consider reading the following articles and series:

[1] Cardinal Ratzinger's Rebellion

[2] Have You Read The New Scriptures Yet?

[3] History Of The Authorized KJV Bible

[4] Lies And Deceptions Of The Roman Catholic Church

[5] Lying Wonders Of The Endtime

[6] Mary Worship, Christianity And Roman Catholicism

[7] Our Pagan World : The Easter (Ishtar Goddess) Myth Exposed!

[8] Roman Catholicism, Water Baptism And The Trinity

[9] The Misguided End of the World Predictions of Harold Camping

[10] To Pray Or Not To Pray? That Is The Question

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