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Masih al-Dajjal
As Bill Kochman explains in such articles as the series "2012: New Age Deception And Psychobabble", in Muslim endtime theology, the term "Masih al-Dajjal"refers to "the False Messiah", "the Deceiving Messiah", "the False Prophet" or "the Great Deceiver". Some Muslims believe that al-Dajjal will appear somewhere between Syria and Iraq, and that he will create an army from the people whom he has deceived. al-Dajjal will then wage war against Jesus, who will be leading the Army of the Righteous. However, Muslims also believe that Jesus -- under the leadership of the Mahdi -- will then say that everyone must submit to Islam, or else be destroyed. Please also refer to the terms "Mahdi" and "Twelver" for additional information, as well as the article To Tell the Truth : Moshiach, Mahdi or the Messiah?".

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