Owning Guns: What Saith the Scriptures? — brand new BBB article

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Owning Guns: What Saith the Scriptures?

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Published On : February 24, 2018

Last Updated : February 24, 2018

Introduction: Parkland, Florida School Shooting, Purpose Of This Article, First Century Disciples Were Never Instructed To Take Up Weapons, God’s Divine Protection, Spiritual Armor For Spiritual Warfare, Christians Do Not Engage In Physical Warfare, Live Peaceably With All Men, Dangerous And Violent Times Of The First Century, Persecution Of The First Century Church, Apostle And Disciples Never Fought Back Physically, Render To Caesar What Is Caesar’s, Be Subject Unto The Higher Powers, Responsibility Of Government To Bear Arms And Protect Its Citizens, Obvious Conclusion, Your Choice, Reading List

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