The Family Life of Jesus Christ: Did Jesus Have Siblings? — minor BBB article update

I am pleased to announce the release of a minor update to my 1997 BBB article entitled “The Family Life of Jesus Christ: Did Jesus Have Siblings?”, which you can read online at the following URL:

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As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this updated BBB article:

The Family Life of Jesus Christ: Did Jesus Have Siblings?

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Published On : June 1, 1997

Last Updated : May 14, 2018

Inaccurate Hollywood Movies, Mary’s Perpetual Virginity Is Roman Catholic False Doctrine, The Biblical Basis Concerning Sanctified Heterosexual Marriage, Human Sexual Intercourse And Childbearing Are Ordained And Blessed By God, Abortion Is Outright Murder, Bible Condemns Gay And Lesbian Relationships False Doctrine: Mary Is Our Co-mediatrix And Co-redemptrix, Jesus Is Our Only Mediator, Scriptural Proof Regarding Jesus’ Siblings, Seven Biological Brothers And Sisters At Minimum, Various Marys In The New Testament, Actual Brothers Or Simply Cousins Debate, Jesus’ Brethren Rejected Him At First, James And Jude Were Jesus’ Biological Siblings And Also Apostles, Different Jameses In The New Testament, James And Matthew May Possibly Have Been Brothers, Jesus May Have Chosen Brothers To Be Apostles For Mutual Encouragement And Support, Peter And Andrew, Jesus’ Divinity Is Not Diminished As A Result Of Having Biological Brothers And Sisters, Cleansed From Sin By The Blood Of Jesus Christ, Conclusion, Additional Resources

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