Why Did Jesus Call His Mother “Woman”? — minor BBB article update

I am pleased to announce the release of a minor update to my 2002 BBB article entitled “Why Did Jesus Call His Mother ‘Woman’?”, which you can read online at the following URL:


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As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this updated BBB article:

Why Did Jesus Call His Mother “Woman”?

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Published On : July 29, 2002

Last Updated : May 14, 2018

Introduction, Search The Scriptures, Turning Water Into Wine God’s Greater Family, Adopted Sons And Daughters, Precedence Of Spiritual Family, Families Divided By Christ, Jesus’ Love For His Mother Mary, The Adopted Son, Mary’s Grief And Joy, The Other Mary, Jesus’ Brothers, Mary’s Activities Following The Ascension, Warning Concerning Mary Worship, Jesus Is Our Only Mediator, We Are Bought With A Price, God’s Universal Family: All One In Christ, Final Conclusions, Reading List

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