The True Tabernacle of God — a major BBB article update

I am pleased to announce the release of a major update to my year 2000 BBB article entitled “The True Tabernacle of God”, which you can read online at the following URL:

This updated article contains better paragraph formatting, new commentary, and some new Bible verses.

Please click on any blue link that you see in this message in order to be taken to this updated BBB article on the Bill’s Bible Basics website. Feedback is appreciated.

As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this updated BBB article:

The True Tabernacle of God

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Published On : June 19, 2000

Last Updated : May 15, 2018

Caught In The Thorns Of The World, Importance Of Abiding In The Lord, The Fruits Of The Spirit, Life Centered Around God And His Word, Purpose Of This Article, Symbolism Of The Old Testament Tabernacle And Temple, Jesus Is The Spiritual Rock And Foundation Stone Of God’s New Temple, Jesus Revealed God To People Of First Century, Given The Spirit Without Measure, Disciples’ Misguided Temple Worship, Jesus Became The Final Sacrifice For Sin And God’s High Priest, We Can Become God’s Living Tabernacles And Temples, God’s Laws Written In Our Hearts, Our Temporary And Permanent Tabernacles, A Spiritual Temple Of Living Stones, Jesus Is Our Intercessor And High Priest, A Transition From Physical To Spiritual Between The Testaments, Earnest Of The Spirit: God’s Spirit Dwells In Us, Stones And Pillars In God’s Spiritual Temple, New Jerusalem, The Tabernacle Of God Is With Men, Spiritual Communion And Fellowship, Coming Spiritual Bodies, Suggested Reading List

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