What Happened to the Evil Spirits Known as Legion? — minor BBB article update

I am pleased to announce the release of a minor update to my 2011 BBB article entitled “What Happened to the Evil Spirits Known as Legion?”, which you can read online at the following URL:

https://www.billkochman.com/Articles/What Happened-To-Legion.html

Please click on any blue link that you see in this message in order to be taken to this updated BBB article on the Bill’s Bible Basics website. Feedback is appreciated.

As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this updated BBB article:

What Happened to the Evil Spirits Known as Legion?

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Published On : November 25, 2011

Last Updated : May 16, 2018

Jesus Encounters Man Of The Gadarenes Possessed By Devils, Legion Is Cast Into A Herd Of Swine, Swine Go Berserk And Run Over A Cliff Into The Sea, Legion Was Afraid To Be Cast Into The Deep, Abussos Is The Bottomless Pit, Greeks Words And Definitions For Deep Lake And Sea, Sea Of Galilee Is The Same As Lake Gennesaret And Sea of Tiberias, Sea Of Galilee And Dead Sea Below Sea Level, Deep Bodies Of Water: Prisons For Fallen Angels And Evil Spirits Or Gateways To The Same?, Abaddon/Apollyon And Beast Ascend Out Of The Bottomless Pit, God’s Maximum Security Prison Deep In The Bowels Of Earth, Satan Imprisoned For A Thousand Years, Jesus Preaches To Prisoners In Bowels Of The Earth, Imprisoned Fallen Angels, Fate Of Unclean Spirits, Closing Remarks, Suggested Reading

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