Bill’s Bible Basics Blog Started From Scratch on June 15, 2020

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
Romans 8:28, KJV

Dear friends,

As I mentioned not too long ago, thanks to one too many power outages, the 11-year-old iMac which ran my web server software, and which hosted the Bill’s Bible Basics website and blog for many years, finally kicked the bucket. Thankfully, I perform multiple daily backups of all of my work, so no data was permanently lost from the main Bill’s Bible Basics website. In other words, the following items are still intact, and still accessible to you on the BBB website at I will provide links to the main parts of the website further down in this commentary:

1. all BBB articles and series
2. all topical KJV Bible Verse Lists
3. all graphics in the BBB Graphics Library
4. all of my Christian poetry, and then some
5. all of the Bible-related maps
6. all of the non-BBB support documents
7. the online KJV Bible

Thanks also to the extreme generosity of a few of my dear Christian friends, I was prepared for just such a situation. Thus, I had another computer in waiting to replace the one that died. As a result, I was able to transfer everything over to the newer, faster machine which has since become the new BBB web server.

Sadly, however, the transfer was not without some hiccups. Due to corruption occurring somewhere in some of my mySQL database tables — possibly resulting from the power fluctuations which ultimately killed the machine — and despite my best efforts to correct the problem over the past week, I have been forced to start the Bill’s Bible Basics Blog from scratch. In fact, I had to reinstall the web server from scratch as well. This is because all of my blog posts for the past four years — over 5,000 of them — have been completely lost.

As a result, being as I am starting the BBB Blog from scratch, for the time being, if you click on any of my posts on any of the eight social networks in which I currently participate — that is, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr — if the links you click or tap on in those posts include “/Blog/” in the URL, you will either get a 404 error message in your web browser, or else your web browser will attempt in vain to connect to the corresponding page on my blog, but it will never connect, being as that particular page no longer exists on the BBB Blog.

So, as I said, because I have been forced to re-install the web server and build the BBB Blog completely from scratch, you will currently not find any graphics, poetry, KJV Bible Verse Lists, article announcements or any other commentary on it, other than what I add to it from today and forward. But again, you will still find all of the same study materials on the main Bill’s Bible Basics website. Yes, such a great loss is rather disheartening, considering how much time, hard work and energy I have invested in my blog over the past nine years. But what can I do, other than start all over again? At any rate, following are some of the main URLs from the BBB website:

The Bill’s Bible Basics home page can be found here:

You will find a full list of my new and updated articles at the following URL:

If you wish to go to the index page for all of my topical KJV Bible Verse Lists, you can likewise use the following URL:

All of my original Christian poetry can be found at the following URL:

My over 4,200+ topical graphics can be found in the BBB Graphics Library at the following URL:

All of the Bible-related maps can be found here:

The online Authorized King James Version of the Bible can be found at this URL:

You can find other areas of the BBB website by availing yourself of the links table which is located on the bottom of most pages of the site.

In conclusion, as we all know, modern technology is not perfect. It does occasionally have serious glitches, and it can be very time-consuming, and very frustrating, when it comes to trying to fix these technical issues. Living in an area where power fluctuations and power outages are common also does not help, because mySQL databases can easily become corrupted from this. Some of you may recall that back in 2016, I had a similar problem with corruption occurring in the mySQL databases. I lost five year’s worth of blog data back then. This time, we are losing four years of data which will need to be reposted in the coming months. It will be a lot of time-consuming work on my part to repost over 5,000 blog entries. However, we continue to march on by God’s Grace!

Update June 20, 2020: I have been working rather feverishly to restore as much of the old blog entries as quickly as possible. Thus far, of the over 5,000 blog posts, I have reposted 480 of them, which is not even 10% of the total yet. I am getting old and tired, and I can only do so much each day, but we are slowly getting there. Please keep me and the BBB ministry in your prayers. Thanks so much!

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Bill Kochman is a Christian writer, poet, graphic artist, online evangelist and founder and webmaster of the Bill's Bible Basics website and blog. His interests include tropical fish, Macintosh computers, web design, writing poetry and God's natural creation.
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