Coronavirus: Defiant Christians, Stay Home!

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Published On : April 8, 2020

Last Updated : April 8, 2020

Christians Viewing Government-Mandated Pandemic Guidelines From The Wrong Perspective, Christians In Defensive Mode And Motivated By Fear And Paranoia, Not Everything Is An Attack Against Christianity, For The Common Good, Fighting Against Nonexistent Windmills, Is God Really Pleased With Christian Acts Of Defiance By Attending Church Now?, The Stay-At-Home Orders And Social Distancing Are Not Attacks On Christians, Health Guidelines Are Being Applied To All Private American Citizens, Exceptions: Fallen Sinful World, Guidelines Are To Mitigate And Contain Coronavirus Pandemic, Goal: Save Lives, Is Going To Church More Important Than Saving Lives?, South Korean Church And Iglesia Ni Cristo And Spread Of COVID-19, Congregating In Churches Now Is A Really Bad Idea, Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself, Prefer The Well-Being Of Others, Love Worketh No Ill To His Neighbour, Congregating In Churches Right Now Endangers Your Neighbor And Is Pure Selfishness, Parable Of Good Samaritan: Who Is My Neighbor?, Our Fellow Countrymen Are Our Neighbors Who Need Our Help To Stop The Pandemic, Situation Will Grow Worse If We Don’t Cooperate, Let Every Soul Be Subject Unto The Higher Powers, To Defy The Government Is To Defy God’s Ordained Order Of Things, Live Peaceably With All Men, Defying Government Mandates Is Poor Example Of Our Faith, Acts 5:29: Only Resist When They Stop Us From Preaching Christ, Coronavirus Guidelines Don’t Curtail Our Ability To Witness Or Fellowship, Guidelines Are A Temporary Practical Pragmatic And Science-Based Response, Part Of The Problem Or Part Of The Solution, Over Dependence On Physical Church Buildings, First Century Christians Had No Buildings Yet Were On-Fire And Fruitful, We Are All God’s Living Temples, Jesus Filled With The Spirit Without Measure


We Are God’s Living Temples, Jesus Filled With Spirit Without Measure, The First Century Churches Were In People’s Houses, Time To Return To The Original First Century Church Blueprint, More Intimate Spiritual Fellowship With Churches In Our Homes, Final Admonition To Defiant Christians, Suggested Reading List

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