Coronavirus: Just the Facts, Ma’am

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Published On : March 7, 2020

Last Updated : March 30, 2020

Invitation To Share The Series, Initial Reactions To COVID-19, How This Series Came About, Definitions: Coronavirus COVID-19 And SARS-CoV-2, Lysol Misinformation And Conspiracy Theorists, COVID-19 Vaccine Is Many Months Away, Common Symptoms Of The COVID-19 Disease, Some Helpful Tips And Preventative Measures, Masks/Respirators: Price-Gauging And Unscrupulous Companies, The Danger Of Asymptomatic Carriers: Rapid Undetected Spread, Failures Of CDC: Limited Test Kits And A Few Authorized Labs, Ridiculous Recommendation To Not Use Face Masks, Some People Are More Vulnerable To COVID-19 Disease, My Medical Situation, Despite Many Recent Viral Threats World Is Still Unprepared For Major Pandemic, 1918 Spanish Flu, Irony Of China, Class Warfare: We All Have Right To Protect Ourselves From COVID-19, Purchase High-Quality Face Masks, Practice Common Sense Health Habits, More Tests Conducted = More COVID-19 Cases Revealed, Huge Spike In Cases Is Expected, Current COVID-19 Statistics, Top Ten Affected Nations, We Are In A Pandemic, Downplaying The Truth Regarding Seriousness And Extent Of COVID-19, The Actions Of Governments Belie Their Words, Global Effects Of The COVID-19 Pandemic, SARS-CoV-2 Would Devastate Our Island


Incident With My Personal Physician, Are Governments Muzzling Health Officials To Avoid Panic?, Watch What Your Government Is Doing And Not Just Saying, Sensationalism And Untrustworthy Mass Media, Coronavirus Has Not Peaked Yet, Infection Rates And Death Rates Continue To Climb Daily, I Am Not A Conspiracy Theorist Fear-Monger Or Rumor-Monger, Investigate Before You Propagate, Do Not Fear And Trust The Lord For His Protection, Compare Scripture With Scripture For Sound Conclusions, Trust God To Provide and Protect You But Also Be Wise And Prepare, Joseph In Egypt: A Prudent Man Foreseeth The Evil, Preparing Is Not Fear Or A Lack Of Faith, The Problem With Conspiracy Theorists, We Will Never Know True Origin Of COVID-19 Disease, Maintain Bible-Centric View And Understanding Of World Events, Did God Allow SARS-CoV-2 Virus To Be Released Into The World?, God Indeed Uses Plagues As Tools Of His Divine Chastisements, Moses’ Stiff Warnings To Rebellious Israelites, They Backslid Anyway, God’s Purpose In Chastisement Is Global National Or Personal Repentance, God’s Real Desire Is Not To Destroy Us


Is COVID-19 God’s Chastisement?, Situation In Daegu South Korea, The Shincheonji Church of Jesus Cult Is Coronavirus Epicenter In South Korea, Doomsday Cult’s Leader Claims To Be Second Coming Of Jesus Christ, God Is In Control Of The World And His Creations, Why Did COVID-19 Begin In Daegu?, Judgment Must Begin At The House Of God, Apostle Paul Warns Against Another Jesus False Apostles And Deceitful Workers, God’s Chastisement Against A Wicked Rebellious World Lost In Sin And Apostasy, The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Far From Over, A Call To Pray Repent And Prepare, Psalm 91, Closing Remarks, BBB Suggested Reading List, Online COVID-19 Medical Resources

For those of you who may have possibly missed some of my previous coronavirus-related writings, following is a list of everything I have written to date regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe that you will find a lot of useful, factual, instructive and Scriptural information in this material. Please feel free to share this list on your own timelines, pages, in your Facebook groups, and on any other social networks where you happen to participate. Thank you so very much, and God bless you!

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Bill’s Bible Basics Coronavirus Information Center

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