Have You Visited Bill’s Bible Basics Lately?


Have you visited the Bill’s Bible Basics website lately?

The BBB website is dedicated to presenting thought-provoking, Scripture-based perspectives regarding Bible prophecy and many other topics which are related to the Holy Scriptures and our Christian walk of faith. In addition to hundreds of Scripture-filled articles which will feed, inspire and motivate you, you will also find over 4,200 shareable graphics in our BBB Graphics Library, as well as over 600 original Christian-oriented poems in our poetry section, over 600 topical King James Version Bible Verse Lists, Bible-related maps, an online KJV Bible, and so much more!

The Bill’s Bible Basics website has been so named since September 9, 2014, and is an updated version of the Endtime Prophecy Net website, which first went online in May of 1997. Prior to that time, the website took the form of “The Treasure Trove BBS” — which later became known as the “Armageddon Christian BBS” — which began in 1993-1994, and which was a PC-ANSI based Bulletin Board Service, originally running on a Mac LC III computer.

The Bill’s Bible Basics ministry was founded by Christian writer and evangelist Bill Kochman, who since 1997 has gone by the online alias/nom de plume of “The WordWeaver”. He has been actively involved in Christian outreach of one form or another — street witnessing, foreign missionary fields, house-to-house ministry, online evangelism — since 1971.

Please consider visiting us today! You will be blessed! Thanks so much!

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