Are You Experiencing a Slow BBB or CSNet Connection?

Dear friends, I just wanted to remind you that four times daily, I back up the entire internal hard drive of my web server machine to an external hard drive. This is automatically done at 4:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM, my local time. To give you a point of reference, we are GMT+10 here, which means that it will be 14 or 15 hours earlier than my local time on the U.S. East Coast. Each backup at those four hours of the day usually completes within an hour’s time.

Please note that when these automated backups occur, the web server machine becomes sluggish, and this will more than likely affect your ability to connect to any portion of the Bill’s Bible Basics website, the BBB Blog, and the Christian Social Network.

As a result, if during any of these four time frames you click or tap on any of the BBB article links, poetry links, KJV Bible Verse List links, or blog links which you find on Facebook, or on any other social network where I participate, you may not be able to successfully connect to the BBB website, to the BBB Blog, or to CSNet, until the backup has completed. Either that, or you may possibly be able to connect, but the web pages may stall and load very slowly in your web browser.

Also, you need to consider how far away you may be from me. For those of you who live on the far U.S. East Coast, you are close to 7,000 miles away from me. That is A LOT of server hops, and I know for a fact that with the data travelling such a great distance, Internet congestion and other issues can weaken your connection to my web server and make it unreliable. The same thing occurs when I reach out to the U.S. East Coast from here. The minute I pass the U.S. West Coast and head east, things begin to become troublesome, and I may have trouble connecting to a site, and loading a web page.

The bottom line is this, if for some reason you cannot connect to my web server, then just wait a while until you are outside of the above four time ranges, and try again. If you are trying at a different time of day, and still have problems connecting to my server, it may possibly be due to Internet congestion, or some other issue beyond both your and my control.

Also, as I have mentioned before, please be aware of the fact that we do have unexpected power outages here. When these occur, BBB links on Facebook and other social networks to the BBB website, BBB Blog and the Christian Social Network will be totally dead in the water, until power is restored here, and I can get the web server back online again.

I hope this information helps some of you. Thanks for your patience.

About Bill Kochman

Bill Kochman is a Christian writer, poet, graphic artist, online evangelist and founder and webmaster of the Bill's Bible Basics website and blog, as well as the founder and administrator of the Christian Social Network. His interests include tropical fish, Macintosh computers, web design, writing poetry, God's natural creation and his cats, Obsidian, Mischief and their progeny.
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