Christian Social Network – It’s Time to Break Free!

If you are a longtime user of the social networks, as a Christian believer, you probably already know what has been happening in recent years. In a word, they have all begun to clearly show their true liberal colors. How has this affected those of us who hold God’s Word — the Bible — in high esteem? Again, you already know the answer. At this point in time, we can barely freely talk about and share our Christian faith without fear of being discriminated against or silenced, due to some imaginary violation of some social network’s liberal policies, or “Community Standards”. As if that isn’t bad enough, some of the liberal social networks are filled with cuss words, insensitive crude jokes and disgusting graphics. Furthermore, they embrace and promote beliefs, positions and practices which we Christians find quite objectionable.

If you find the current environment on the liberal social networks not to your liking, you will be happy to know that there is a social network where you can be free of all of these things. It is called Christian Social Network, and it was started in November of 2020 by Bill Kochman, who is also the founder and webmaster of the well-established Bill’s Bible Basics website, which was formerly known for many years as Endtime Prophecy Net.

At Christian Social Network, you can feel safe, because we offer you a clean, wholesome, Christian environment with none of the worldly garbage that you find on other social networks. We are in fact wholly Christian, all the time. So come on over and sign up for free by proceeding to the URL below on your desktop or laptop computer:

Or, if you are an iPhone® user, you can download the “CSNet App” for your phone from the App Store®. Simply launch the “App Store” app on your iPhone, and then search for “CSNet App”. The app icon with the Bible and Cross with the blue background is it!

You can likewise download our “CSNet” app for your Android phone as well by visiting Google’s “Play Store” on your phone. Simply launch the “Play Store” app on your Android, and then search for “CSNet”. The app icon with the Bible and Cross with the blue background is it!

iPhone® and App Store® are trademarks of Apple Inc.

About Bill Kochman

Bill Kochman is a Christian writer, poet, graphic artist, online evangelist and founder and webmaster of the Bill's Bible Basics website and blog, as well as the founder and administrator of the Christian Social Network. His interests include tropical fish, Macintosh computers, web design, writing poetry, God's natural creation and his cat, Mischief.
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