Coronavirus: Are Vaccine Passports Inevitable?

Going by the many comments I have read on Facebook in recent months, I think it is fair to say that many of us realize that the potentially mandatory implementation of COVID-19 vaccines, and the government issuance of so-called “vaccine passports”, whether on a local, state, national or international level, is a loaded gun. Many people are already fired up over this issue.

From my own reading and understanding of the issue, it has already become clearly evident to me that lines are being drawn in the sand in regards to this explosive topic. People are either on one side of the fence or the other, with a large swath of undecided people still caught somewhere in the middle. As many of us already know and have experienced for ourselves, this division over coronavirus vaccination even affects our immediate families. Some of us are in favor of being vaccinated against COVID-19 for whatever our reasons, while others of us are adamantly opposed to it for our own reasons as well. Thankfully, it is currently our choice to make.

However, what if governments begin to take away our choice, and engage in a “campaign of inconvenience”, so that life and our daily affairs become difficult — if not impossible — to carry on, if we refuse to go along with their vaccination program? I first wrote about such “campaigns of inconvenience” in articles I wrote two decades ago. They are real, and they are happening all the time, as the masses are subtly herded in one direction or another, according to the whims of our overlords.

As some of you are already aware, the issue of vaccine passports is even now being debated in the halls of some governments around the world. In a few places — such as Israel, for example — vaccine passports are ALREADY becoming a reality, and in other nations, vaccine documents in one form or another are now being seriously contemplated, and may possibly soon be implemented.

One of my personal concerns is the following. The fact is that the potential rise of more contagious and more deadly strains of COVID-19 could shift the weight of the argument to those individuals, institutions and governments which are in favor of making vaccinations and vaccine passports mandatory. It would make their actions — regardless of how oppressive they may be — appear more justified and needful in the eyes of the general public. But here’s the thing. If they can force us to subject ourselves to COVID-19 vaccinations and vaccine passports, once they taste of that power, what will they attempt to do next? So you see, this is indeed a very slippery slope we are on. It sets up a very dangerous precedent which should make all of us very uncomfortable.

If mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports were to happen, where would you personally stand? Would you bow to pressure in order to make your life easier, or would you hold your ground? Indeed, it would be a very tough call to make, but it is one which only you can make. No one else can do it for you.

Having stated all of the above, I just read a very interesting article in the New York Times. I know that many of my online friends hold adverse sentiments when it comes to reading the New York Times. I can’t say that I blame you. After all, as many of us know, it is an extremely liberal — and oft times ungodly — publication. Some of their views, opinions and positions are quite contrary to our Christian beliefs, and outright contradict God’s Word.

But occasionally, the New York Times does publish in-depth articles which are worthy of our time. I think you will find the article below to be one of them. It is a bit lengthy, but they do make some valid points in it. If you feel so led, please post your comments below after reading it. Thanks!

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