Coronavirus: Be Still and Know That I Am God

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[Originally posted in March of 2020]

Dear friends, I wanted to share a firsthand account of something which happened to me this morning, which I think you will find very interesting, because it confirms what many of you are also experiencing with hostile and greedy attitudes in the mainland USA, as well as in other parts of the world.

As I do every month, this morning I had to go to one of the local diagnostic laboratories in order to get my blood drawn. Unlike the full battery of tests which is done every three months — when they usually take four vials of my blood — the monthly lab work which was done this morning is to test my PT/INR. If you don’t know what that is, then please check out this link on the Wikipedia website:

As many of you will already know, the reason why I have to have this blood test done each month is because I am on Warfarin — an anticoagulant/blood thinner — for life, due to having two bouts of DVT — Deep Vein Thrombosis — and Acute Bilateral Pulmonary Emboli — since 2017.

DVT basically means that you have blood clots in either one or both of your legs. It can be very painful — as it was in my case — so that you can’t even walk, and can be accompanied by major swelling of the legs, multiple hematomas and dozens of petechiae. Again, look up these phrases on Wikipedia if you like.

Acute Bilateral Pulmonary Emboli means that some of the blood clots had broken off and traveled to all four nodes of my lungs. This is a very dangerous situation, because not only does it build up pressure in the chest and cause some level of pain, but also because if the blood clots go to my heart, or to my brain, I could die on the spot. Again, you can look up Deep Vein Thrombosis and Acute Bilateral Pulmonary Emboli on Wikipedia if you are interested in learning more about each of them.

At any rate, as I said, in order to reduce the risk of more blood clots forming in my legs, and possibly traveling to my lungs, heart or brain, I have to take Warfarin for the remainder of my life. This is the mode of treatment that is usually prescribed after a person has had DVT at least twice. What Warfarin — a.k.a. Coumadin — basically does is change the viscosity of the blood so that it flows more easily through the veins and arteries, and is less prone to clot where it shouldn’t.

I always try to go to the lab early in the morning right when they open at 7:00 AM. The ParaTransit bus trip down to the lab was peaceful. I was the only one on the bus, which is not out of the ordinary. The bus driver was wearing both a face mask and gloves. We got to chatting a bit — I know her from previous rides — and being as she is also a Christian, I had a good opportunity to share with her what I think about this COVID-19 pandemic, and why I believe God has allowed it to happen. She was in full agreement with me, and we had a nice conversation.

But it is what happened after I arrived at the lab where things got interesting. Being so early in the morning, the mall was empty, which was good for obvious reasons: social distancing. Being as it was still a little before 7:00 AM, there were already two ladies waiting outside of the door of the lab when I arrived there. Then another couple — a husky-looking, possibly American guy and a woman — showed up.

While I was waiting for the lab to open, I checked out the local news on my iPhone. That is when I discovered that they have conducted only 46 tests on-island up until now, even though they have 200 test kits on hand presently, and are waiting for another 800 test kits to arrive. But what is that to a population of 160,000? It sounds just like what is happening in other places around the world, doesn’t it? As I have said before, less COVID-19 testing means less confirmed coronavirus cases revealed, which helps national leaders to look better, and also helps national economies to stay afloat a bit longer, and avoids mass panic.

But what I also found out while reading the local news on my iPhone is that we are now up to 5 confirmed cases here on Guam. Yes, I agree. It is a very small number compared to many other places around the world. However, I have no doubt, and have long expected, that the number of confirmed cases will soar here in just a matter of a few weeks, just as it has everywhere else. Study the statistics, folks. Numbers keep rising every single day, sometimes by the hour.

When I read that piece of news regarding 5 confirmed cases now being on-island, I made a comment out loud about it. The husky-looking guy heard me and immediately made a negative comment, and claimed that the coronavirus is not real, just like so many other naive, foolish, incredulous people we see on Facebook and elsewhere — a few of whom have even blocked me, or else deleted my comments — who insist that this pandemic is a news media hoax, or a plan by Bill Gates to depopulate the world, or a scheme by George Soros and the Globalists to enslave us all, or some other nonsense.

Well, I wasn’t about to get into it with that guy, because I knew that it would lead nowhere, and would be pointless, and just a total waste of my time. So, I simply said to him, “Whatever you want to believe”, and left it at that.

When the two lab technicians arrived, they each wore full protection, and they sanitized the place before letting us in the door. In fact, they explained to us as we waited outside that they could only allow one person into the lab at a time in order to play it safe, because of the coronavirus.

You are not going to believe what happened next. Right in front of the other three of us who had arrived at the lab before him, this same guy tried to bribe the lab technician with money so that she would take him first, even though he was not next in line. He was trying to get her to take his lab paperwork, along with the money that he held in his hand. He said to her, “What? Don’t you want my money? If you don’t want it, I can go to another clinic.”

At that point, I had had enough of him. So while I was sitting there listening to the exchange, I told him off to his face and loudly said “Hey buddy! Have some respect! There is a line here, and they take us in order. First come, first serve.” Those were my exact words. I imagine he could have punched me out if he wanted to — that is, if he didn’t mind going to jail for punching an old man in the face — but I was just suddenly full of indignation and so blurted it out. Thankfully, he backed off, and the lab technician went back inside.

Then, when it was my turn to go inside the lab, I warned the lab technicians to beware of him, because he was a real jerk, to which they both agreed. I see one of the technicians every month, so we are on a friendly level, and I address her by her first name. Anyway, they both thanked me for standing up for them against that bribing bully.

So, I had my blood drawn and went back downstairs to wait for my return bus ride on the ParaTransit. That is when something really heavy came to me. As I was sitting on the bench in the mall, the following verse suddenly popped into my head very clearly:

“Be still, and know that I ‭am‭ God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.‭”
Psalm 46:10, KJV

And just like that, I believe that I began to fully understand what God seems to be in the process of doing right now. Not just in America, but all over the world. I think many of you will agree with me when you see what I have to say; and that is this: little by little, God is literally shutting down the world. He is using this COVID-19 pandemic to shut down governments, to shut down national borders, to shut down airports, to shut down Big Business, to shut down schools, to shut down places of leisure such as movie houses, bars and restaurants, etc. He is literally shutting down EVERYTHING. And on top of all of that, He is shutting down the world’s life blood: the global economy. He is shutting down the flow of money, because that is what happens when everything else shuts down, as we are all now seeing.

Now tell me, isn’t that heavy? But why is God doing this?

Well, maybe He is telling us — as I have stated for a very long time now, and in fact have expected to happen for a very long time now — that He is sick and tired of all of the world’s rebellion and defiance against His holy Laws. He is sick of the way the world flaunts its sexual immorality in His face. He is sick of the blatant, cold-blooded murder of millions of unborn children every year. He is sick of the drug and alcohol abuse, the child abuse, the pornography, the human trafficking and prostitution, the oppression of the poor, the corruption of governments, the greediness of Big Business, the witchcraft of the pharmaceutical industry, the mass propagation of wickedness via the entertainment industry, and so many other things. He is sick of it all.

So what is the Lord doing about it? Well, maybe He is now going to demonstrate His displeasure with us in a very powerful and clear way. The world didn’t want to listen to Him, so now He is forcing everyone to slow down and listen to Him. He is shutting down the world, bit by bit and saying “Be still, and know that I ‭am‭ God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.‭” He is in the process of forcing the world to be still, whether they like it or not. He is forcing people to be separated and isolated. He is putting each of us in a position where we may have no place else to look but up. He is bringing the world, and each of us, to our knees. If this current global shutdown continues, and even worsens, sooner or later, God will have everyone’s attention, and then we will see what comes next.

That is the powerful message I received this morning while sitting on that bench waiting for my bus ride home. I believe that it is of the Lord, because it just hit me so hard, and I wasn’t even looking for it. What do you think? Does it resonate with you? Do you sense the truth in it? Pray about it and see what the Lord shows you. If you sense the truth that I speak here, then please make sure that your heart and life are right with God. Make sure that you are doing what is pleasing in His sight. Make sure that you are truly seeking His Kingdom first in your life. If not, it is time to get your life in order. It is time to take the Lord seriously, because we may be running out of time.

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