Coronavirus: Wake Up, Already!

[Originally posted in March of 2020]

This message is directed to anyone who has nothing better to do than to complain about the current situation regarding the pandemic, and to use the pandemic as a vehicle to propagate fear and baseless conspiracies, and to criticize the government. I was motivated to write this commentary after reading a post on a certain person’s Facebook timeline where they complained about how negatively affected some businesses have been due to the quarantines, shutdowns and social distancing which is currently in effect in countries all around the world. It might interest you to know that after reading my response — which is all that you read below — and after making a few false accusations against me, unbelievably, this person then said “this is not a pandemic. Not even close and doesn’t even fit the definition.” Wow! Can you believe that someone is still that deceived after everything that is going on around the world with this virus right now? SMH. At any rate, if you agree with what I have stated here, please feel free to share this post on whatever social networks you happen to participate in. By doing so, maybe it will help to wake up other people who have fallen under such deception, and who likewise believe that the pandemic is not real. I wrote to this person as follows:

—– Begin Quote —–

“If you honestly cant understand the medical and health reasons behind the current social distancing, shutdowns and quarantines, then you obviously haven’t been paying attention to what has been said by those who are in a position to know. Either that, or you have been so taken in by conspiracy theories, that you have lost touch with reality.

Let me tell you about my reality, okay?

Certain members of my extended family are currently in quarantine until early next month.


Because one family member was unknowingly exposed to a work companion who later tested positive for COVID-19. This person passed the virus to my family member, who has displayed symptoms for the past three days, including fever and sore throat.

It gets worse. Another family member is very high risk, because they are diabetic. If they get it, it will be even worse, even life-threatening because their immune system is already compromised.

A third family member also developed a fever a few days ago, but appears to be okay thus far.

They are all stuck together in their home with nowhere to go due to doctors orders. The virus is probably all over that place by now.

Five days ago before they realized that they were infected, the first family member to be infected paid me a brief visit to deliver something to me. So now I have to wait another ten days to see if I develop any symptoms. On top of that, I have been fighting a chest cough for the past four weeks.

And BTW, due to my age and underlying health issues such as developing Deep Vein Thrombosis and Acute Bilateral Pulmonary Emboli, for which I am now on anticoagulant for life I am also high risk.

That is my reality. So before you complain about what the government has been forced to do for your OWN protection, and display your ignorance, please stop and think before you speak!

A lot of people are facing financial hardship right now, as well as medical tragedies, stress and a host of other issues. We are all in this together, and dealing with it the best we each can. It is a sacrifice for everyone in some way. Furthermore, health and medical professionals, and many others, are putting their lives on the line for us, spending long hours away from their families. Everyone is hurting, and everyone is suffering, or afraid and wondering how much worse it will get. And most assuredly, we haven’t seen the worst of it yet.

The real heroes are those who take all of this in without complaining, and without criticizing the very government and individuals who are doing the best they can to bring this pandemic to an end as quickly as possible. It is sad to see that like some others, you have politicized this global tragedy, and used it as a vehicle to criticize the government.

No government is perfect. They all make mistakes. And, yes, President Trump is far from perfect. At times he even makes a fool out of himself, and displays his vanity. But I am sure that he and the team who are working with him are doing the best they can, given the current circumstances. So why don’t you be a little more understanding and give them a break?


—– End Quote —–

In conclusion, my friends, I believe that it is extremely important, and in fact that we have an obligation, to our friends, and to anyone else who may read our posts, to make certain that we are disseminating accurate and factual information regarding the current coronavirus — COVID-19 — pandemic.

If you are one who has taken the time to read my original three-part series “Coronavirus: Just the Facts, Ma’am”, or any of the coronavirus-related BBB Blog posts which I have made since that time, or viewed any of my coronavirus-related graphics, then you will know that this is exactly what I have strived to do. I have presented actual, often up-to-date facts and figures to keep my readers abreast regarding where we currently stand with this pandemic. In addition, where possible, I have backed up my position with Scriptures, so that you can see directly from God’s Word, why I believe as I do.

Furthermore, in some of the aforementioned pieces — including this one — I have likewise exposed some of the misguided attitudes, misplaced beliefs and ridiculous theories which I have seen posted on the social networks in which I participate. Sadly, they are not a few. It seems that no matter what I do, and what I say, or write, some people still choose to hold to their delusions and their wild conspiracy theories. The tragedy is that in the words of the Apostle Paul, not only are they deceived themselves, but they are deceiving an undetermined number of other people as well with their fantasies. If you are one of such people, it is time for you to wake up, and to get your head out of the sand.

For those of you who may have possibly missed some of my previous coronavirus-related writings, following is a list of everything I have written to date regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe that you will find a lot of useful, factual, instructive and Scriptural information in this material. Please feel free to share this list on your own timelines, pages, in your Facebook groups, and on any other social networks where you happen to participate. Thank you so very much, and God bless you!

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