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Coronavirus: Where is Your Common Sense?

Yes, folks, here I go again. I don’t know what is going on, but this pandemic is really affecting some of my Christian brethren in a very strange way. I have seen so many posts and comments in my news feed, and on different Facebook pages in recent weeks, where instead of pointing their readers and visitors to God’s Word to find the answers, some of these brethren — quite a few of them, in fact — are spouting off nonsensical conspiracy theories regarding 5G, Bill Gates, George Soros, the NWO and the Globalists, Agenda 21 and global depopulation, and other ridiculous stuff for which they can offer absolutely no solid proof. Of course, in their foolishness and delusion, they consider YouTube videos and information that they find on questionable conspiracy theory websites to be valid proof. SMH.

If that is not enough, they are instilling fear in people with talk of martial law coming any day now, forced vaccinations with a microchip secretly embedded in it, and other fringe ideas. I find it all quite ridiculous, and sad. After all, aren’t we supposed to be promoting God’s Word? Isn’t that why God called us into His Kingdom? That is, to be His emissaries? Isn’t the Good News supposed to be found in God’s Word? So why then are all of these misguided brethren delving into all of this worldly conspiracy theory nonsense? Is that going to win anyone to Jesus Christ? I seriously doubt it. It will just trap more people in the conspiracy theory net. As I said, it just fills people with fear and paranoia and deceives them.

If you are wondering what set me off this time, well, I just saw a post in my news feed where a particular Christian friend — who I have considered to be a bit strange and “out there” for a while now — was berating other Christians simply because they are wearing face masks when they go out in public. According to this misguided individual, those of us who wear face masks don’t truly believe in Jesus, because if we did, we would trust Him to protect us by not wearing face masks. At least that is what this person claims.

To make matters worse, this same person twists the meaning of Roman 12:2, and claims that by wearing face masks, we are conforming to the world, and are full of fear. My gosh. Anyone with even an ounce of understanding and Spiritual Discernment knows that that is NOT what Romans 12:2 is talking about in the least. For those of you who are not familiar with the verse, here it is:

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”
Romans 12:2, KJV

If you really want to know what that verse means, then please consider studying the following four KJV Bible Verse Lists on the Bill’s Bible Basics website. Trust me when I say that the true meaning of Romans 12:2 will become very clear to you:

“Battle of the Mind” KJV Bible Verse List:

“Washed and Renewed Mind” KJV Bible Verse List:

“Old Man Versus New Man” KJV Bible Verse List:

“Worldliness” KJV Bible Verse List:

This same person also made a slight reference to Psalm 91, and mentioned how if we drink poison, God will protect us. They also mentioned twice in their comments how if Jesus were here today, He would most certainly not be wearing a face mask. Well, yeah. I mean, after all, He IS the Son of God. In other words, in this person’s mind, we should have the same level of faith as Jesus Christ. Yes, that would be nice. But quite frankly, I don’t have that degree of faith. Do you? Can you move mountains or raise people from the dead? Can you even perform a simple miracle of healing? I can’t. So, no, I don’t have faith like Jesus, and I am not afraid to admit it. So I will wear a face mask.

I must tell you; I was floored by what I read. This person was basically condemning other Christians who don’t have the same degree of faith as they supposedly have. I just couldn’t believe that someone would be advising other Christians to not wear face masks when they go out. In recent weeks I have likewise seen multiple comments where different Christians on Facebook have openly stated that they will defy any curfews, lockdowns and other government-issued guidelines. What is wrong with these people?

Well, I knew ahead of time exactly how this person would react, because I have dealt with such people before regarding this pandemic. Sadly, some of them have removed my comments, or unfriended me, or even blocked me completely, when I have tried to set them straight regarding their misguided ideas. At any rate, despite knowing this, I still felt compelled to try to get through to this person. So, I left them the following comment:

—– Begin Quote —–

I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you drink a bottle of bleach and let me know what happens. I’ll be waiting. Seriously. You know full well that you are not going to drink a bottle of bleach, because not only do you not really have the faith for it, but you know that it will kill you.

Not conforming to the world does NOT mean not wearing a respirator when people are getting infected by the hundreds of thousands around the world by the coronavirus, and dozens of thousands are dying from it as well. If you don’t care about your own life, then please at least think of the others you might infect if you yourself become infected unknowingly. So be smart and wear a mask! That’s called loving your neighbor as yourself, and preferring others. If they get sick because of you, is that love?

You say we don’t truly believe in Jesus because we follow the government’s guidelines and take safety precautions? That is just a ridiculous comment to make. What you are telling people is both foolish, stupid and dangerous. Furthermore, the Bible says to NOT tempt the Lord. That is another reason why you should not drink that bottle of bleach. It is also why you should wear a face mask if you have to go out in a heavily infected area.

I just can’t believe all of the foolish, stupid, dangerous, crazy things some of my brethren are saying, as a result of this pandemic. Where is your common sense, people?

—– End Quote —–

Upon reading my comment, this person said that they were sorry that I was walking in fear — which is the furthest thing from the truth — and then they rambled on again about Jesus not wearing a mask, and something about people who fear will “enter fire and brimstone in the second death.” Then there was something about “So-called Believers walking around with diapers” and “Christians walking around in diapers.” I still have no idea what this person was referring to. Perhaps spiritual immaturity. I am not really certain. To be honest, their comments are rather disjointed, and they don’t connect all of their thoughts very well. They concluded by telling me to stop saying that God’s Word will not keep them safe, which I never ever said even once. In response, I then told this person the following:

—– Begin Quote —–

I am NOT in fear in the least. However, I DO know how to exercise wisdom and caution, while you obviously do not. Worse yet, you are leading others down your suicidal path with your nonsensical talk. Yes, we need to trust in the Lord, but we also need to give Him some COOPERATION, and exercise a little COMMON SENSE. Let me leave you with a verse for your consideration. It in fact talks about protecting ourselves from harm, lest we suffer the consequences for our foolishness and lack of action:

“A prudent ‭man‭ foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.”
Proverbs 22:3, KJV

—– End Quote —–

As I said earlier, this is not the only person who is making outlandish comments during this pandemic which are potentially harmful and dangerous to others. The following day, another person came along and added their two cents to the discussion. Here is how they responded to the aforementioned person, and then to me as well. To protect the privacy of the original poster mentioned above, I have replaced their name:

—– Begin Quote —–

You need to stay in center of road on this. Christians who are carnal and not filled to overflowing with Holy Spirit need to protect themselves with masks. Christians filled with the Holy Spirit don’t need masks . . . Would Jesus need to wear a mask? Would Peter and Paul need one? . . . [This person] is partially right and partially wrong. They assume all Christians are walking in that high place in God and filled to overflowing with God’s Spirit. Only a small remnant walk in that power and anointing which Peter walked in where even his shadow brought healing to people who came near. However, [they] should not tell average carnal Christians not to protect themselves against Covid-19.”

—– End Quote —–

Can you believe it? So according to this person, any Christian who gets the coronavirus must be a carnal Christian who lacks faith. Well, sorry, but personally, I am no Jesus, Peter or Paul. Are you?

So friends, that is just another example of the nonsense I have seen coming from my Christian brethren since this whole COVID-19 pandemic began. I am tired of seeing all of this conspiracy theory talk coming from my brethren. I am tired of seeing all of the defiance they are exhibiting. And I am also tired of the bad advice they are giving to others. Sadly, short of snoozing their comments, or unfriending them, there isn’t much else that I can to in order to stop seeing their ridiculous posts in my news feed.

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