Steps Pedometer: Old Fogies Walking Challenge!

Hello, my friends! At the rate I am going, I will probably be in my grave by this coming weekend! 😲🙄😬😆😀😂

Yes, as the image shows, I actually did 30,894 steps — or 10.93 miles today. According to the “Steps” app, that included 79 flights of stairs.

However, that is not correct, and I am not sure why it is under reporting the number of flights that I do. In actuality, this evening I broke my previous record from yesterday, and I did 140 laps on the outdoor stairs.

As I have explained before, one lap consists of going down a flight of stairs which has 9 steps, then a little platform, followed by 9 more steps to the parking lot. So it is 18 steps in all.

According to Apple’s “Health” app, it considers one flight to be about 16 steps. So being as my flight consists of 18 steps, it should definitely be considering each of my laps on the stairs as a flight.

Therefore, being as I did 140 laps today, I don’t understand why the “Steps” app is reporting only 79 flights for today. It has been inaccurately reporting the number of flights since I first began using the “Health” and “Steps” apps on December the 18th.

But as I was saying, a lap consists of going down those 18 steps, looping around in the parking lot, and then going back up those same 18 stairs again.

In fact, being as I go down and up the stairs, I would think that the app should be reporting 280 flights for today, or 140 x 2 = 280.

I am thinking of writing to the developer and asking them about this. Maybe they can improve the accuracy of the flights ….. unless the problem lies with Apple’s iPhone sensors, or with the iOS operating system itself.

Anyway, as you can see, it took me 5 hours and 27 minutes to walk and climb those 10.93 miles, or 30,894 steps, and I burned up 1,201 calories doing so. The reason why it shows 257% completed is because I had my goal set to 12,000 steps for today, and I ended up doing almost 31,000 steps.

So how did I accumulate so many steps today — and live to tell about it? 😂😂😂 Keep on reading!

• Early this morning I took the bus to go do my monthly lab work. So today’s steps started with doing that.

• Upon returning home, I noticed that it was approaching 7:00 AM, so I walked to the Cost-U-Less to do some grocery shopping, and ended up lugging about 40-50 pounds of groceries home.

• With just the two above events, I had already accumulated 2,098 steps for the day.

• After taking about a two-hour nap, I decided to experiment and see how many steps could be accumulated just by walking around my tiny apartment. I walked around for one full hour.

If you are wondering how tiny my place is, well, if I walk in a loop from my kitchen, through my small bedroom, into the little bathroom, then back through the bedroom, and then loop around the small living room, and then back to the tiny kitchen, it is only 40 physical steps! My mom’s mobile home is bigger than that! 😲😆😀

In fact, if I walk in a diagonal line from the corner of the kitchen, to the opposite corner in the living room by the front door, it is only 8 steps, or maybe about sixteen feet.

• Anyway, after doing those indoor loops for a full hour, I looked at the Steps app. It now showed 8,311 steps, meaning that just by walking one straight hour in my little apartment, I had added over 6,000 steps to my total! Cool! 👍

• The whole reason why I conducted the test, is because I was thinking of my elderly mom — who is 87 — and other elderly people who may think that they can’t get any exercise, because they are basically shut-ins, just like me. My indoor test proved that they can, assuming that they are healthy enough and strong enough to walk.

• After doing one hour of laps, I did my regular indoor exercise regimen, which consists of a combination of body weight exercises — squats, push-ups and sit-ups — and resistance training with two 25-pound dumbbells. That usually takes me about 45 minutes every other day.

• After doing my indoor exercise regimen, I again spent a full hour doing more laps in the living room, just back and forth, back and forth, along that diagonal line.

• After doing that second hour of laps in my house, I again looked at the Steps app to see what my total steps was. It now stood at over 16,300 steps, and I hadn’t even gone outside to do my stairs exercise yet!

• I then took another two-hour nap.

• By the time I went outside later in the evening at 8:20 PM, the total in the Steps app stood at 16,406 steps.

• Considering how much hard exercise I had already done for the day, I really wasn’t sure how many laps I would be able to do. But I wanted to try to beat yesterday’s record of 124 laps, which would be very, very hard to do.

• As I already mentioned, I did outdoor laps for 2 hours and 10 minutes, and ended up doing 140 laps in all. Yippee!!! 😆

• So, that is how I reached 30,894 steps — or 10.93 miles — for today. That is like doing 10,000 steps for three days straight! One thing is for certain. Tomorrow will definitely be a rest day! I will NOT be doing any indoor or outdoor exercise. This poor old body needs to recover! 😩😩😩

That’s all folks! Are YOU counting YOUR steps? Please share your experiences with us. Let’s help to motivate and challenge each other to live healthier, more active lives. Or do you wish to vegetate, grow stiff, and put on the weight???

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