Please Stop Misinterpreting the Scriptures

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Published On : January 21, 2020

Last Updated : January 21, 2020

Taking Scriptures Out Of Context, John 8:32: The Truth Shall Make You Free, World Says There Are No Absolutes And We Each Have Our Reality, What Is Truth Becomes Subjective, Brethren Who Twist Meaning Of The Scriptures, An Incident On Facebook, Martin Luther King Jr. Day And Black History, My Young Life And Exposure To Blacks, All Sinners Before God, Either We Are Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb Or We Are Not, We Are All One In Jesus, Famous Black Quotes And Distortion Of Bible Verses, Secular Knowledge Or Biblical Truth, What Jesus Meant By John 8:31-36, Jesus Is Only Way To Salvation, Free Through Jesus, Jews And Burden Of The Mosaic Law, Impossible To Achieve Our Righteousness By The Law, Break One Mitzvah And Guilty Of All, There Is None Righteous, Saved By Grace And Not By Our Works, Dead In Sins Without Christ, Come Unto Me All Ye That Labour, Jesus Came To Set The Captives Free, Beware Of Bondage To The Law And People Who Promote It, More On Blacks African Unity And Friend’s Political Ideology And Corruption Of Scriptures


More Regarding Blacks African Unity And My Friend’s Political Ideology And Corruption Of The Scriptures, Don’t Politicize God’s Word To Support Your Personal Agenda, Beware Of Taking God’s Word Out Of Context, Spiritual Novices Shouldn’t Even Be Teaching The Word Of God, Wrest The Scriptures Unto Their Own Destruction, Avoid Modern Misguided False Teachers And Deceivers, Teaching God’s Word Is A Serious Responsibility, Ask God For Wisdom Spiritual Discernment And Guidance From The Holy Spirit, Concluding Remarks, Suggested Reading List

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