The Doctor Anthony Fauci Debate : My View

According to what I have read online from a few different sources, not too long ago, a concerted campaign was initiated by certain sectors of the Conservative side of the political isle against Dr. Anthony Fauci, who heads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and who is likewise a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. This campaign began due to a particular email which Dr. Fauci sent about seven years ago in which he complimented Hillary Clinton. Upon learning about this email, certain conservatives interpreted Dr. Fauci’s praise for Hillary Clinton as a sign that he is a snake in the grass, and is not truly loyal to President Trump. Since then, this negative campaign has snowballed, thanks to the rapidity with which things — whether true or false — propagate on the Internet.

Now, while like most people I have a certain level of distrust towards the American government — as we all should, regardless of which party is in control — at the same time, after watching a number of the White House press conferences in which Dr. Fauci spoke, as well as a few other online interviews with Dr. Fauci, I am left with a very different impression regarding the man, than what some of my Christian brethren have been expressing as of late. While some of my online friends may disagree with my position, to me, Dr. Fauci comes across as being an honest, forthright, matter-of-fact, no-nonsense type of guy when it comes to his areas of expertise, which obviously are NOT Donald Trump’s areas of expertise by a long shot.

From watching him speak, and seeing how he carries himself, and expresses himself and his views with a clear passion, I am left with the impression that Dr. Fauci is only interested in the scientific and medical facts, and that he is fully engaged in, concentrated on, and dedicated to bringing the pandemic in the United States to a halt as quickly as possible. I do not believe that he has any nefarious motivations or secret political agenda — such as a supposed desire to purposely embarrass or bring down President Trump — in any of his current actions, as is purported by those people who have been attacking Dr. Fauci’s character from the shadows.

In contrast, if we are honest with ourselves, and are willing to set aside our personal political affiliations and our religious views, we also have to be willing to admit that while the president has the same primary goal as Dr. Fauci in wanting to bring the pandemic to an end, nevertheless, he is also affected by — and in fact hampered by, in my view — other things. This includes maintaining a high rating in the polls as the November election draws near; quelling panic and maintaining as much peace in the country as he possibly can by being a positive beacon of hope; and protecting the economy and Big Business interests. President Trump is also hampered by his own vanity in always wanting to be right, and wanting to be the center of attention.

Because of the aforementioned factors, my suspicion is that Dr. Fauci may be purposely being kept in check by the Trump administration, and is only being allowed to say so much in front of the cameras, regarding the severity of the current coronavirus pandemic. To reiterate, they don’t want him spooking the American public any more than they are already spooked, and much less Big Business which is already in a tailspin.

Look; the man is said to be an expert in his field who has earned the respect of many people in a variety of related fields. The simple fact is that due to his long background in immunology and his well-known battles against viral diseases such as HIV, SARS, the 2009 swine flu pandemic, MERS, and Ebola, Dr. Fauci understands the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic situation a lot better than many other people. He has seen the models. He knows the real numbers. In short, he knows how much worse this can and probably will get, if more stringent measures are not adopted very soon. In fact, we are already getting a glimpse of the future of other American cities, just by looking at New York City where many people have already died from the COVID-19 disease.

So as I said, that is why I sense that his comments may be being tamped down by the Trump administration. To say it again, if the whole truth were told to the American public, the economy would tank even more than it already has, and people would freak out more than they already have. But make no mistake. Dr. Fauci has tried to convey the seriousness of the current situation in a number of his discussions. Time and time again he has stressed the importance of adhering to the government-issued pandemic guidelines, and he has warned us of what will happen if we don’t. Consider his dilemma. There is a fine line between telling the whole truth, and being compelled to hold back certain unsavory information which could lead to more panic and other negative consequences.

Let me conclude this blog post by saying the following. Personally, it is my view that if President Trump makes a factual error regarding the pandemic; or if he contradicts scientific or medical opinion regarding the pandemic; then I feel that Dr. Fauci has the right, as well as the obligation, to set the record straight; even if it contradicts President Trump, or embarrasses President Trump, or makes him look like a fool, or wounds the president’s pride and vanity. If the truth be told, it is my opinion that right now we need to be listening more carefully to what is being said by individuals who are in the scientific, medical and health fields, and less to biased politicians whose goal is to gain points with their constituents, or with their party, or who simply want to stroke their own ego.

To reiterate one more time, I know nothing about the personal life of Dr. Anthony Fauci. I don’t know what political party he belongs to. I don’t know if he is a man of faith, and if he is, what religion he may belong to. I don’t know his views regarding abortion or any of the other hot-button issues which are important to Christians. My current opinion of him is based solely on how I see him responding to the current coronavirus pandemic. He is serious, he means business, he wants to see it end, and that is enough for me.

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