There Should Be Time No Longer

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There Should Be Time No Longer – Part 1

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Published On : January 29, 2020

Last Updated : January 29, 2020

Origin Of This Article, The Pre-Adamic Civilization Doctrine And Gap Theory, Inhospitable Environment And Genesis Flood, Without Form And Void, Global Ocean With No Land Masses Yet, My Backlog Of Writing Work, The Order Of Events And Days In Genesis Chapter One, Day One: God Creates Light And Divides It From The Darkness, The Global Ocean Covered In Darkness, Creation And Beginning Of The Passage Of Time, Holy Spirit Is Our Teacher, Time Began When The Lord Created Alternating Phases Of Light And Darkness, Seven Important Words In Book Of Revelation: “That There Should Be Time No Longer”, God The Father Jesus And Spiritual Entities All Exist Outside Of Time, Did Jesus Manipulate Time On The Sea Of Galilee?, The Meaning Of “Immediately” In The New Testament, Seven More Important Words In Book Of Revelation: “For There Shall Be No Night There”, Heavenly City New Jerusalem Is An Eternal City Where Time Does Not Exist, God’s Brilliance Lights Up Entire Heavenly City, God Is Light And There Is No Darkness At All In Him, Jesus Mentions Twelve-Hour Shifts In Night And Day, Connection Between Genesis New Jerusalem And Time, No Need Of Sun And Moon To Lighten Heavenly City, Sun Moon And Stars Are Used To Mark Passage Of Time, Brilliance Of God The Father And His Son, My Personal Inklings, Strong Meat Belongeth To Them That Are Of Full Age, Does Light Of God And Christ Serve Another Purpose Besides Illuminating The Heavenly City?, What Makes Us Eternal?, Spirit = Energy, Holy Spirit Is An Extension Of God The Father, Jesus Filled With The Spirit Without Measure, Virtue Went Out Of Jesus When He Healed People, Same Creative Spirit Raised Lazarus Jesus And Others And Breathed Life Into Adam, Same Spirit Hovered Over The Deep In Genesis Resulting In The Creation

There Should Be Time No Longer – Part 2

Light Is A By-Product Of Energy Release Or Energy Transfer, Light From The Sun Stars Lightning And Nuclear Explosions, Spiritual Light Of God The Father And Christ Illuminate And Energize Entire Heavenly City, What Is The Actual Source Of Eternal Life In New Jerusalem?, Twelve Fruits Of The Tree Of Life, Exposed To And Absorbing The Light And Energy Of God, Example Of Rechargeable Batteries, Dead In Our Sins Without Christ, Quickened By The Spirit, The Earnest Of The Spirit, God’s Good Radiation Therapy, Father Of Lights, Shining Face Of Moses, Morning Stars, Fall Of Lucifer The Light Bearer, Satan: King Of Empires And God Of This World, “As Lightning Fall”, Angels Of Light And Satan The Deceiver And Father Of Lies, Auras Of Light And Halos In Paintings And On Statues, Jesus’ Amazing Transfiguration, What Happens When A Person Is Removed From God’s Spiritual Light And Energy?, Fate Of The Fallen Angels: Chains Of Darkness, Does Constantly Being In The Dark Away From God’s Presence Drain Spiritual Power?, Parallels To Superman, Walk In The Light, Flee From Darkness, We Will See His Face, Closing Remarks, Suggested Reading List

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