Who is the Real Terrorist?

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Published On : May 16, 2009

Last Updated : May 31, 2018

Financial Hardships In America, American War Coffers, Bribes Given To US-Friendly Nations, Egypt’s Dictator Hosni Mubarak, Election And Downfall Of The Muslim Brotherhood And Mohamed Morsi, The Rise Of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Dictators Thugs And Human Rights Abuses, So-Called Presidents Of The Middle East, Family Dynasties And Military Dictatorships, Winds Of Change Of “Arab Spring” Blew Through The Middle East And Failed, US Government Is Obligated To Help Its Own People First, The US Government Aids The Rich While The Poor Suffer, Is American Government Really An Infidel?, Self-Serving American Career Politicians, Military Man Attempts To Defend America’s Wars, Indoctrination And Cultivating Patriotism Are Integral Parts Of Military Life, American Foreign Aggression, Engaging The Evil In The World, The Violent Evil Nature Of War, America’s Propensity For Picking Fights, American Hegemony, American Government Tactics Against Weak Nations, The Toll Of 60 Long Years Of American Wars, Korean War, Vietnam War, Yugoslavia, Iraq War, Afghanistan, Pakistan And Libya, America Demonizes North Korea, Syria And Iran, Continual Warfare And America’s Reasons For Them, No Imminent Military Threat Against United States, A Nation Of Peace Or A Nation Of War?, Question For Americans, Soldiers Are Blinded And Brainwashed By Patriotism


Some Additional Serious Questions For Americans, Who Is The Real Terrorist?, The Evil Fruit Of American Intervention, Turning A Blind Eye, America’s “Justified Wars”, Terrorism Abroad And At Home, I Follow The Biblical Doctrine Of Peace, If People Live By The Sword They Will Also Die By The Sword, Violent Evildoers Versus Peacemakers, America Sits A Proud Queen, We Each Reap What We Have Sown, God Shall Rebuke The Violent Nations, Beating Swords Into Plowshares, We Are All Known By Our Fruits, Closing Remarks, Suggested Reading List

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