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Authored By  :
Bill Kochman

Published On :
March 8, 2018

Last Updated :
January 31, 2020

As we all know, due to certain changes which Facebook has been making in its algorithms since around November of 2017, it has become increasingly more difficult to see each other's timeline posts in our news feed. However, there are certain simple things which you can personally do, which may possibly help you to see even more of my timeline entries in your news feed. Below is a list of them. I encourage you to try them all, wait at least a few days, and then determine if you are seeing any improvements.

1. Go to my timeline at https://www.facebook.com/wordweaver.evangelist

2. Under the "Following" menu, enable the "See First" option.

3. Under the "Friends" menu, enable the "Get Notifications" option.

4. Under the "Friends" menu, enable the "Close Friends" option.

5. Engage more on my timeline: like, comment and share. This will demonstrate to the Facebook algorithms that you have a serious interest in my timeline content. As a result, Facebook should show you more of my content in your news feed.

If the above tips seem to be working for you, please feel free to share this web page with your other Facebook friends as well by clicking or tapping on the Facebook icon which you see on this same page. Thank you so much!

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Your fellowservant,
Bill Kochman

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