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Posted on 05/11/19 8:49:29 PM
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Why Were You Given an Honorary Membership?
Some of you are no doubt wondering why I extended an honorary membership to you on the BBB Forum. So let me explain.

Currently, I hover around 5,000 "friends" on my Facebook timeline. I place the word "friends" in quotes, because while technically they are my Facebook friends, the vast majority of those people I don't even remember, and know nothing about. They are basically strangers to me.

To be honest, at my age, the only people who I do remember on Facebook, are those who actively participate on my timeline, on my FB page, or in the BBB group on a regular basis. This is in fact one of the key criteria I have used in order to determine who I should extend an honorary membership to here on the BBB Forum.

You see, over the past eight years since joining Facebook in February of 2011, I have carefully watched and observed, and slowly compiled a list of those people who show the most interest in, and support for, the Bill's Bible Basics ministry. I gauge each person's interest based upon their level of likes, comments and shares in regards to my Facebook posts.

Over time, I have also done a few things to get an idea of who is really serious about the BBB ministry. For example, a number of years ago, I reminded everyone that something might go wrong, and we could lose contact with each other on Facebook. Perhaps a technical glitch on Facebook's end, or someone getting banned from Facebook, or worse. So I asked anyone who was interested, to privately give me their email address so that we can stay in touch.

On another occasion -- 2018, I believe it was -- I asked everyone to respond if they wanted to be tagged in my posts. This again helped me to determine who is a serious follower of my work for the Lord.

So between those things, and just watching the activity on my timeline, FB page and in the BBB group, I slowly compiled a list of 300 to 400 names.

Another factor I considered is how long someone has been my FB friend. Most of the people in the top 400 list have been my friends for two to eight years. I figure that if someone is my friend that long, then they must have a serious interest in my work.

Now, the reason why I am sharing this information with you, is so that you realize that there are no strangers amongst us here. At least not to me. These are people who I trust to be a positive influence on our fellowship here on the BBB Forum. They are people who I believe have a serious faith in the Lord, as has been demonstrated by their activities on Facebook.

All that to say this: Relax. Let your hair down. You are amongst friends here. There are no big, bad wolves, antichrists, liberals or atheists here. So enjoy yourself.

So there you have it. That explains why you qualified for the top 400 "elite list". Seriously, if you consider that I have 5,000 Facebook friends, that list represents not even 10% of them. Now, aren't you feeling just really special?

Bill Kochman
Billís Bible Basics


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