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Posted on 05/09/19 02:09:00 AM
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Do You Need Help Making Your Avatar?
For those of you who don't know how to make a 100 x 100 pixel avatar, I will be happy to help you. Simple email me the image that you want to use, and I will make the avatar for you in Adobe Photoshop.

For best results, make sure of the following:

1. the photo or image should be clear with sharp contrast and not fuzzy/blurry, or with too much light reflecting on you.

2. if it is a photo of yourself, make sure that you are centered in the photo, if at all possible, and that there are no other people or objects blocking part of you.

3. being as the avatars are only 100 pixels square, you do not need to send me a humongous photo or image. Something on the order of 600 pixels wide, or smaller, will be fine, although I can work with larger images if that is all that you have.

4. the photo or image you choose should be something that is meaningful to you personally. After all, the avatar will represent you on this forum.

5. the photo or image should not include a lot of text, if any at all, because after reducing it to 100 pixels square, it probably won't be readable anyway.

6. after you select your photo or image, please email it to me at:

Or, you can also give it to me via private chat on Facebook as well.

Bill Kochman
Billís Bible Basics


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