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Posted on 05/19/19 11:14:27 PM
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To Vote, or Not to Vote
This four-part series can be read online at the following URL:

As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this series:

To Vote, or Not to Vote - Part 1

Copyright 1994 - 2019 Bill's Bible Basics

Published On : May 19, 2019

Last Updated : May 19, 2019

Introduction, The 2020 American Presidential Campaign, Be Persuaded In Your Own Mind And Live According To Your Own Faith, My Personal Political Leanings, A Citizen Of God's Kingdom First And Foremost, Obey The Powers That Be As A Positive Testimony Of Your Faith, We Are Not Of This World, Predestinated And Chosen By God To Be His Children, Corrupt Political Systems Of Men, Christ's Kingdom Crushes Kingdoms Of The World, All Great Powers Of The World Are Founded Upon Blood Guts And War, Bloody Warmongering History Of The USA, Founding Fathers And American Revolutionary War, Nothing Holy Or Righteous About Warfare, Wars Against The Native Americans

To Vote, or Not to Vote - Part 2

There Is Nothing Holy Righteous Or Christian About Modern Warfare, Violence Shall Be Repaid With Violence, Live In Peace With All Men And Love Your Neighbors, Jesus' Reaction To Violence, Not Of This World, No Scriptural Justification For Christians To Commit Violence Or Engage In War Against Anyone, Pressure On Donald Trump To Start A War With Iran, George W. Bush Iraq And The Messiah Complex, Will Mr. Trump Commit Same Error?, Our Spiritual Warfare For Souls Of Men, Strangers And Pilgrims On The Earth, Let Your Light So Shine, Our Mission And Heavenly Duty: Preach The Kingdom Of God, No Involvement In Secular Politics, No Entanglement In Affairs Of This Life, Where Do Your Loyalties Lie?, Must Choose Your Master, Blameless And Without Rebuke, Separate From The World

To Vote, or Not to Vote - Part 3

Friendship With The World Equals Spiritual Adultery, Married To Jesus, Unfaithful Spouse, Give God Your Whole Heart Mind Soul And Life, Jealous God, Backslidden Israel, Love Not The World, Don't Become Entangled In Secular Politics, Satan: God Of This World And King Of Earthly Empires, False Doctrine Of Dominion Theology, Dangers Of Becoming Politically Involved, Persecuted For Our Faith: Then And Now, Online Discrimination

To Vote, or Not to Vote - Part 4

Emperor Constantine's Supposed Conversion To The Christian Faith, 4th Century Bishops Compromise With Rome, Theodosius And Birth Of Roman Catholicism, Roman Catholic Inquisitions, Modern Political Christianity, The Gullible Christian Voting Bloc, Election Of Donald Trump, God's Ways Are Not Our Ways, Manipulation By The Jews, Mr. Trump Recognizes Jerusalem And Moves US Embassy There, The Flare-Up With Iran, God Raises Up Leaders, The Devil Operates In The Political World By God's Permission, Ungodly Leaders Fulfilling God's Will, The Litmus Test For Trump And Associates, The Ineffectiveness Of Voting, Christian Voting Bloc Hasn't Changed Anything Of Importance In Many Decades, Voting Simply Perpetuates The Evil Political System, An Illusion Of Freedom And Democracy, Federal Reserve Board And Power Of Jewish Money, SCOTUS: Nine Powerful People Not Voted Into Office By The American Public, Most Powerful Individuals And Institutions Are Immune To American Voting System, Watching America's Sad Spiritual Decline, America Is In Free Fall, No National Repentance On The Horizon, We Did Our Best, Younger Liberal Generation Now Coming Into Power, Dark Wicked Forces At Work, A Troublesome Future, Find The Proper Balance, Closing Remarks, BBB Suggested Reading List

Bill Kochman
Billís Bible Basics


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