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Posted on 05/26/19 8:34:52 PM
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Facebook and the Battle for Our Youth
This three-part series can be read online at the following URL:

As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this series:

Facebook and the Battle for Our Youth - Part 1

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Published On : May 26, 2019

Last Updated : May 26, 2019

BBB Ministry: Where Are The Young People?, Honorary BBB Forum Memberships, Creation Of BBB Forum Members Gallery, Where Are The Young Faces?, My Criteria For Approving Facebook Friend Requests, One Exception To The Rule, Wicked Dark Side Of The Internet, Building Up The BBB Ministry, Wise As Serpents And Harmless As Doves, Dilemma: Hungry Young Believers Vs Their Ungodly Vengeful Parents, Facebook's Reaction, Sheep For The Slaughter, Liberal Facebook's Discrimination And Censorship, Mark Zuckerberg's Atheist Background, A Politically Correct Compromise, U.S. Government Threatens To Break Up Facebook, Facebook Content Monitors, AI-Empowered Algorithms, Watch Out For Facebook Community Standards, Facebook's Love Affair With LGBTQ Community, Lights Shining In The Darkness, Facebook's Campaign Against "Hate Speech", AI's Make The Big Decisions, Facebook's "Independent" Review Board, Facebook Takedowns Restores And Appeals, Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Facebook Jail, Forget About Tagging, Two Sure-Fire Ways To Be Blocked On Facebook And How To Overcome Them, Warnings And CAPTCHAs, BBB Content Is Freely Available To All Ages On BBB Website, Scatter The Seed Of The Word, Only God Is Able To Draw Them

Facebook and the Battle for Our Youth - Part 2

Be A Faithful Witness And Leave The Results To God, Grounded In The Word And Not Bribed By Church Gimmicks, Guilt On Both Sides Of The Fence, Spiritual Generation Gap, God's Word Will Accomplish His Purpose, Work Of Faith, Our Works Will Follow Us, Other Reasons Why I Will Reject A Friend Request, Vet All Your Friend Requests, Theory: Does Facebook Prevent Certain Age Groups From Interacting With Other Age Groups?, Real Age Vs Fake Age, ID Check, Age Matching Will Hinder Our Christian Witness, Facebook For Fun Or Christian Witnessing?, Tagging Can Negatively Affect Your Online Witness, Will We Be Reduced To Just Preaching To The Choir?, Why Are We Losing Our Youth?, Overcome By The Liberal Spirit Of The World, Godless Public Education System, America's Decades-Long Spiritual Decline, Wicked Spirit Of Rebellion, An Emboldened Enemy Also Requires An Emboldened Witness Against Them, Church Gimmicks And Weak Generation Of Christians, "Repentance" Is The Word Of The Day

Facebook and the Battle for Our Youth - Part 3

Give Our Youth God's Word, We Cannot Override Free Will And Personal Choice, Only God Can Draw Them, Deceived By Seducing Spirits, Train Up A Child, King Solomon Backslides Into Deep Apostasy, Most Of The Kingdom Was Rent From David's Lineage, King David's Greatness Sins And Repentance, We Are Witnesses To America's Spiritual Decline, America Then And Now, So Many Sins, There Is No National Repentance On The Horizon In USA, America's Many Foreign Lovers, The Heartbreak Of Watching Our Own Children Rebel Against The Lord, Our Own Liberal Children Turning Against Us, Ye Shall Be Hated Of All Men For Gospel's Sake, Powerful Deceptive Spiritual Forces At Work, We Cannot Fight Our Children's Battles For Them, Are We The Last Voice Of Opposition?, The Future Is In The Hands Of Our Children, First Century Christians, Closing Comments, Suggested Reading

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