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Posted on 09/28/19 07:09:37 AM
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The Gospel of Thomas: Introspection, or Heaven-Spection?
This four-part series can be read online at the following URL:

As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this series:

The Gospel of Thomas: Introspection, or Heaven-Spection? Ė Part 1

Copyright 1994 Ė 2019 Billís Bible Basics

Published On : July 17, 1997

Last Updated : September 24, 2019

Coptic Alphabet, Discovery Of Nag Hammadi Library And Gospel Of Thomas, Doubts Regarding Authenticity Of Gospel Of Thomas, Quote From The Gospel Of Thomas, My Caution In Judging Any Of The Apocryphal Writings, My Opinion Regarding The Apocryphal Writings And the Book Of Enoch, Look To Jesus and Heavenward And Not Inward To Ourselves, Coming In The Clouds Of Heaven, Eastern Religions New Age And Humanism, Satanís Pride And His Fall From Grace, Outward Religiosity Of The Scribes And The Pharisees, Jewsí Expectations Of Physical Restored Kingdom Of Israel, Even The Apostles Misunderstood, Not Yet Able To Bear, What Jesus Meant By ďThe Kingdom Of God Is Within YouĒ, Our Treasure In Earthen Vessels, The Jews Lost The Kingdom Due To Unbelief, Parable Of The Wedding Garment, Clothed In Garments Of Salvation And Robes Of Righteousness, Our Fine White Linen

The Gospel of Thomas: Introspection, or Heaven-Spection? Ė Part 2

We Are Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb, Jesusí Conversation With Nicodemus, Jews Reject Christ And Prevent Others From Entering The Kingdom, We Have No Righteousness Of Our Own, The Invisible Kingdom Of God Within, New Heavens New Earth New Jerusalem, Thy Kingdom Come, Know Ourselves Or Know God And Be Known Of Him, We Are To Be Reflectors Of Godís Love

The Gospel of Thomas: Introspection, or Heaven-Spection? Ė Part 3

Bring People To Jesus And Not To Us Or to Our Church, Jesus Is The One True Rock, Our Secular Humanist World, The Pride Of Life, A Sacrificial Life Of Humble Servitude To The Lord, We Must Die Daily To Bear Fruit For Godís Kingdom, Old Man Versus New Man, Be Honest With Yourself And God Regarding Your Sinful Condition, King Davidís Example Of Humility And Obedience, To Whom Much Has Been Forgiven The Same Loves Much, Full Of Ourselves Or Full Of Christ, First Recognize The Problem, Our Wicked Human Heart, A New Heart In Christ, Apostle Paulís Struggles, Our Battle With Sin And Our Flesh, Submit Ourselves Daily To Godís Will, The Battle Of The Mind

The Gospel of Thomas: Introspection, or Heaven-Spection? Ė Part 4

Beware Of New Age Doctrines And Meditation, Look Upward To Jesus And Not Inward To Ourselves, To Be Carnally Minded ‭Is‭ Death, Wages Of Sin And Unbelief Is Death, Jesus Is The Light Of The World, Beware Of Materialism, Heavenly Rewards, Seek First The Kingdom Of God, God Will Provide, Be Content With What You Have, Donít Dwell On Your Sins Or Look At Yourself, Publish The Glad Tidings, Beware Of Falling Under Depression, Seek Forgiveness For Your Sins, God Desires Our Healing And Repentance, Devil Is A Liar And Accuser Of The Saints, Give Your Burdens To The Lord, Run The Race With Patience, We Are New Creatures In Jesus Christ, Lifelong Battle Against Our Personal Sins, Strangeness Of Gospel Of Thomas, Simplicity Of The True Gospel, Confusing New Age Psychobabble, Be Careful Reading Apocryphal And Pseudepigraphal Writings, Eschew Evil And Choose The Good, Closing Remarks, Suggested Reading List

Bill Kochman
Billís Bible Basics


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