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Posted on 02/14/22 01:17:56 AM
Bill Kochman
Posts: 199

Free Will and Personal Choice
This two-part article can be read online at the following URL:

As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this article:

Free Will and Personal Choice - Part 1

Copyright 1994 - 2022 Bill's Bible Basics

Published On : December 5, 2018

Last Updated : February 12, 2022

God Created Us For His Own Pleasure, And God Saw That It Was Good, God Works In Us To Do His Will, God's Foreknowledge, Jesus Understood His Purpose On Earth At A Young Age, Jesus' Death and Resurrection Were Accomplished According To The Foreknowledge And Will Of God, Believers Are Chosen And Predestinated To Become Adopted Children According To God's Foreknowledge Good Pleasure And Will, Are We Merely Puppets In God's Hands?, God Knows Those Who Belong To Him, Do We Have A Choice In The Matter?, Foreknowledge Predestination And Free Will Work Hand In Hand, Salvation: We Must Choose For Ourselves, We Are Not Mindless Robots, Our Obedience To God Should Be Motivated By Love Faith And Trust, Children Trust Their Parents, Negative Influence Of The Public School System, Rooted And Grounded In Love, Faith That's Motivated By Fear, Godly Fear And Reverence, A Balanced Relationship With God, Proper Relationship Between Parents And Children

Free Will and Personal Choice - Part 2

Godly Peace And Fighting Against Satanic Fear, Good Or Bad Consequences Will Result From Our Choices And Actions, The Bible Is Our Driver's Manual Through Life, The Difficulty Of Making The Right Choice, Martha Mary And The Lord, God Grants King Solomon Wisdom Riches And Honor, Ask God For Wisdom And Guidance To Make The Right Choices, This Life Is A School, Simplicity Of The Gospel, Don't Become Puffed Up With Knowledge, Please God Through Your Childlike Faith, Seek God's Will In Your Life, Jesus Came To Save Imperfect Sinners, We Learn And Grow Through Our Sins Mistakes And Shortcomings, It Is Wise To Obey God's Laws, A Messed Up World Resulting From Our Poor Choices, Earthly Devilish Wisdom, The Royal Law: Thou Shalt Love, Blatant Rebellion Against God's Laws, Don't Blame God For The Consequences Of Our Own Poor Choices, We Humans Are Incapable Of Ruling Ourselves, Ancient Israel Chose An Earthly King Over God, Incomplete And Imperfect Without God's Love, Men Shall Be Lovers Of Their Own Selves, Selfish Choices Which May Hurt Others, Build Upon The Right Foundation Or We Are Doomed, Selfish Modern-Day Political Systems, God's Forgiveness Mercy Love And Compassion, Consequences Of Our Actions, We Must All Appear Before The Judgment Seat Of Christ, Trust And Acknowledge The Lord, All For The Glory Of God, Most Important Decision: Accepting Christ, Suggested Reading List

Bill Kochman
Billís Bible Basics


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