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Posted on 02/28/22 03:50:36 AM
Bill Kochman
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If You Poke a Bear Long Enough ...
Subject: If You Poke a Bear Long Enough ...

This three-part series can be read online at the following URL:

As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this series:

If You Poke a Bear Long Enough ... - Part 1

Copyright 1994 - 2022 Bill's Bible Basics

Published On : February 28, 2022

Last Updated : February 28, 2022

Grizzly In A Cage, Hiking Trip Gone Terribly Wrong, A Bear Robbed Of Its Whelps: Metaphor For Anger, Primary Emphasis Of Bill's Bible Basics And Christian Social Network Ministries, Deceived By The Spin Doctors, Propaganda Agents And Drinking The Kool-Aid, Angry Russian Bear, NATO Has Stolen Russia's Bear Cubs, America And NATO Asked For The War, Manipulate The Facts To Convince The Public, Russia's Legitimate National Security Concerns Ignored By USA And NATO, Why Putin Is So Set On Getting Back Ukraine, Imagine If Roles Were Reversed, Cuban Missile Crisis, America's Hypocrisy, American Hegemony, Berlin Wall NATO And America's New Iron Curtain, Spheres Of Influence, Russia Is A Part Of Europe, My Position Regarding Russia And Politics In General, We Are Not Of This World, We Should Promote God's Kingdom, American Manipulation Of The Truth, I Don't Support The Ukraine Invasion, I Am Opposed To Violence And War, Vladimir Putin Is Not The Only Aggressor, Both Sides To Blame, USA Should Stay Out Of European Affairs

If You Poke a Bear Long Enough ... - Part 2

Government Manipulation Of Public Opinion, George W. Bush Administration And Iraq War, Imaginary WMD And Mushroom Clouds, Freedom And Democracy Lie, "There Is Always A Good Reason To Go To War" Lie, America's Never-Ending List Of Enemies And Wars, The World Is A Chessboard For Superpowers, Safe Wars: America's Wars Are Never On American Soil, Putin Picked An Opportune Time To Invade Ukraine, The Simultaneous Problem In Taiwan And Ukraine: Was It By Intentional Design?, America's Limited Power In The World, Biden Is An Empty Wind, Economic Sanctions Won't Work With Putin, Putin Knows Biden Is Weak, Russia Has The Military And Geographical Advantage, Deceptive Fallacy Of Bush's "Coalition Of The Willing", The Whole World Did Not Support America's Invasion Of Iraq, The USA Pushed For War In Ukraine, Europe Does Not Want Another War On Its Soil, Blame Being Cast Everywhere, NATO Realizes It Is No Match For Russia, Biden Has Limited Military Assets In NATO Members, Obnoxious America Pressures Other Nations, Putin Realized He Had To Act Now Before Ukraine Was Admitted To NATO, I Have Anticipated Russia Pushing Back For 24 Years, Quotes From My Articles "Communism: Is the Dead Beast Really Dead?" And "Communism: The Raging Bear out of Control!", Is He President Autocrat Or Dictator?, I Warned About Communist Vladimir Putin Years Ago, Communism In Russia Is Not Dead, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania And Bulgaria Join NATO Alliance, The World's Mentality: Attack Your Enemy While They Are Weak, Once America Is Let In The Door It's Hard To Get Her To Leave

If You Poke a Bear Long Enough ... - Part 3

Each New NATO Entry Has Been A Strong Provocation For Russia, NATO Made Its Moves When Russia Was Weak Following Soviet Era, I Question How Much Longer Russia Will Sit Idly By While NATO Steals Her Bear Cubs, Does Putin Want To Restore The Glory Of The Soviet Union?, 2016: Putin Remains Powerful And Popular, A New Cold War Between Russia And NATO Alliance, Russia Begins Reasserting Itself, Real Motive Behind The War In Yugoslavia, The Russian Bear Is Being Forced Into A Corner Due To NATO's Expansion, Russia And China Improving Relations, Russia And China's Vision For A Multi-Polar World, My Consistent Belief In Coming War Between Russia And NATO, Vladimir Putin Is Very Intelligent Shrewd Sly Calculating And Deceptive, Putin Has Been Extremely Patient With NATO, Putin Was Not The Initial Aggressor In Ukraine War, Beware Of Deceptive War Propaganda, I'm Not A Communist Sympathizer And Don't Support Russia Or Vladimir Putin, Closing Remarks, BBB Suggested Reading List

Bill Kochman
Billís Bible Basics


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