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Posted on 03/06/22 4:09:08 PM
Bill Kochman
Posts: 199

Humility in Our Understanding of God's Word
This two-part article can be read online at the following URL:

As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this article:

Humility in Our Understanding of God's Word - Part 1

Copyright 1994 - 2022 Bill's Bible Basics

Published On : March 23, 2012

Last Updated : March 6, 2022

My Personal Investment In Bill's Bible Basics Ministry, The Lord's Wonderful Provision, Not For Filthy Lucre, Our Great Commission, Humility In Our Understanding Of The Scriptures, Profundity Of God's Word, Difficulty Of Understanding Bible Prophecy And Endtime Events, Thousands Of Years And Unclear Incomplete Historical Records, Bias In And Manipulation Of Historical Records, Historical Revisionism, History Written By The Victor, Disagreement Amongst Historians And Scholars, Endeavoring To Understand With Honesty, We Don't Know It All, My Evolving Theology, We Each Possess Pieces Of The Puzzle, There Is No Monopoly On Scriptural Truth, Drawbacks Of Bible Colleges, Cookie Cutter Schools, Guided And Taught The Deep Things Of God By Revelation Of The Holy Spirit, Lifted Up By Pride And Vanity, Knowledge Puffeth Up, Humble Yourselves Before The Lord, Proud Boastful Wannabe Prophets On The Web, Church Websites Promoting Their Church's Doctrines Only, We Must Share And Discuss Together, Facebook And Social Networks, Negative Effect Of Misguided Interpretations, Doctrinal Unity

Humility in Our Understanding of God's Word - Part 2

Why Trust Bill Kochman?, Modern Self-Proclaimed Prophets And Apostles, Questionable Facebook Prophecies, One Of Many Teachers, Joy Of Sharing God's Word, More Perfect Knowledge, Our Coming Full Salvation Of Body And Spirit, Trust Me But Not Completely, I Am Not Infallible, My Evolving Theology, Understanding God's Word Is A Lifelong Process, The More I Learn The More I Realize How Little I Really Do Understand, Don't Be Deceived By Pride And Vanity, Receive God's Word With Meekness, Freely Share His Revelations With Humility, Clothed In Humility, Grow In Knowledge And Understanding Of God's Word, Blinded By Preconceived Ideas, God's Limitless Provision And Spiritual Bounty, Ask In Faith And Believe To Receive, Study And Test The Spirits Against The Scriptures, Real Revelations Will Not Contradict God's Word, Faith In God's Word And Not In Me, Agree To Disagree, We Must Each Be Persuaded In Our Own Minds, Don't Contradict The Scriptures, Strive To Avoid Doctrinal Debates, Humility Civility Respect, Open Thou Mine Eyes, Closing Remarks, Suggested Reading List

Bill Kochman
Billís Bible Basics


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