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Copyright 2023 Bovine Excrement

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Published On :
October 18, 2023

Last Updated :
October 18, 2023

Unless otherwise specifically noted, all of the posts, poetry and graphics which are found on this website are the original work and property of Bill Kochman and Bovine Excrementand and are copyrighted 2023 by the same.

Since I first began publishing my work on the Internet back in 1994, my position has always been that my work may be freely shared on other websites, or via other online channels and media, such as via the various social networks.

Sadly, as noble as my motivations have been, the modern realities of the Internet -- which have brought to my attention certain clear-cut cases of plagiarism and copyright infringement, where my work has been outright stolen, altered and intentionally attributed to another author -- have forced me to change my policy.

Thus, to meet these modern challenges, from henceforth, I am rescinding the right to share my materials by copying or transferring them to any other online media. This restriction applies to other websites, blogs, message forums, social media pages, or any other form of online communication. This same restriction likewise applies to hard copies such as books, tracts, pamphlets, magazines, CDs, DVDs, etc. The right to copy my materials to these media is likewise rescinded.

From henceforth, if you desire to share my work with any of your online friends or associates, the only acceptable way to do it is by adding an active, CLICKABLE link from your website, back to the page on my website where my post, graphics or poetry is actually located. You may add as many links to your site as you wish. To clarify, you may NOT place any of my work -- posts, poetry or graphics -- on your website or web page. You may only place links to my work on your website or web page, UNLESS I give you specific written permission to share my actual work on your page or website. If I do grant you such permission, you MUST in all cases include a CLICKABLE link back to the original page where my work is found.

In the case of my graphics, even though they all include a URL in the actual image, you must STILL also include a CLICKABLE link back to the original version on my website. There must be an easy way for your friends and visitors to go to my website. Thus, the requirement for a CLICKABLE link.

If you are sharing my graphics work from one of my Facebook pages, or from one of the other social networks where I participate, you MUST use the "Share" link or button which is made available by that particular social network. Please do NOT download my graphics to your own device, and then upload them to your own library. Use the "Share" button or link. Thank you.

In addition, in accordance with the "fair use" clause of U.S. copyright laws, interested parties are welcome to quote reasonable, small portions of my posts, if you desire; but again, you are not permitted to copy entire posts to other websites, or to any other place, whether online or offline.

Thank you again for your interest in my work. I do sincerely appreciate it.

In conclusion, if you have enjoyed my work here, and feel that some of it would make a positive addition to your own website, please be honest and do it in the aforementioned manner, by using links only. Do not resort to thievery.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,

Your Barn Burning Buddy,

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