Human Gestation
Eleven-Week-Old Fetus

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February 16, 2017

Photographic evidence which proves that as early as six weeks, aborted embryos / fetuses are NOT just unrecognizable clumps of tissue as cold-hearted pro-abortionists and their butchers claim, but rather, they are real, live human beings!

The baby is completely formed even though he fits snugly into the doctor's hand. The ears were first distinguishable during the sixth week; the inner ear is completely formed in mid-pregnancy.

The baby is held in the hand of the late Professor Sir Albert William Liley, the pioneer of medical treatment for children in the womb. He has been called the father of foetology for his work, including the first successful blood transfusion on an unborn child (at around seven months'
gestation) in 1963.

Liley commented: "This situation highlights the fact that, in modern antenatal care, we are concerned with the welfare of two patients: the mother and the child." (The Tiniest Humans, edited by R L Sassone, 1977, p.6.)

Source: Information taken from the SPUC.org.uk web site

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