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This section of the Bill's Bible Basics website contains a variety of articles and commentaries which were not written by Bill's Bible Basics and its webmaster, that being myself, Bill Kochman. They are included here because I consider them interesting, informative and instructive, and because they serve to validate some of my doctrinal positions, and some of the issues that I discuss in the Bill's Bible Basics articles. However, please understand that just because they are included here does not necessarily mean that I fully endorse their contents in every case.

Your fellowservant,
Bill Kochman

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Abortion KJV Bible
Book of Enoch Carnivore
Christmas LGBT Agenda
Protocols The RCC
Mary Worship School Prayer
Shroud of Turin  

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Abortion Controversy

If you are a God-fearing, Bible-believing Christian, then you will undoubtedly find the information contained in this section to be both shocking and utterly repulsive. During the time that that was spent collecting these images and related information, and preparing these articles for public distribution, I became more and more stunned, saddened, sickened and upset, by the ungodly practices which are being performed both in the United States of America, as well as abroad. In addition to availing yourself of the information below, please consider reading my eight-part series "Abortion: The Slaughter Of The Innocent", as well as the three-part series "The Fruit Of The Womb".

Within this section, you will find a series of images which very vividly display aborted fetuses at various stages of development. These images will show you exactly what abortionists, pro-choice advocates, world governments, and the liberal press don't want you to see. The reason why they don't want you to become aware of these things, is because they know that once you are exposed to the shocking truth regarding abortion, you will never support abortion rights ever again; or seek an abortion if you happen to be a woman. That, of course, means that abortion clinics and the murderous, cold-hearted butchers who perpetrate these hideous crimes, will suffer financially as a result of the drop in the number of abortions performed in their government-sanctioned death camps.

Unless you have a strong stomach, you may not want to look at these image files, as they will truly sicken you, emotionally, if not physically, when you see what millions of women and their accomplices, the ungodly butchers in abortion clinics, have been doing for the past thirty years, in both the so-called "Christian" United States of America, as well as in other so-called "civilized", developed countries around the world.

Human Gestation : Six-Week-Old Embryo

Human Gestation : Ten-Week-Old Fetus

Human Gestation : Eleven-Week-Old Fetus

Human Gestation : Sixteen-Week-Old Fetus

Human Gestation : 21 1/2-Week-Old Fetus

Baby Feet Of Ten-Week-Old Aborted Fetus

Victim Of Dilation And Curettage Abortion

Victim Of Hysterotomy Abortion

Victim Of Partial Birth Abortion

Victim Of Salt Poisoning Abortion

Victim Of Suction Abortion

RU-486 - Mifeprex Inventor

The Hippocratic Oath

When Do Human Beings Begin?

Just A Clump Of Cells? - Horrible Images!

1972 Roe vs Wade Court Transcript

Samuel Armas Images - Amazing!

More On Samuel Armas Story

SPUC's Abortion Briefing

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Authorized King James Version - AKJV - Of The Bible

In this section you will find historical and supplementary documents which pertain to the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible. In addition to availing yourself of the information below, please also consider reading my two-part series entitled "History Of The Authorized King James Bible", as well as my four-part series entitled "In Defense Of The KJV Bible!".

From The Translators To The Reader

Epistle Dictatory - Dedication To King James I

The Geneva Bible : The Forgotten Translation - By Gary DeMar

Texts That Are Used In Bible Translations

The Difference Between Translator And Teacher

King James Version Bible Breakdown - Books, Chapters, Verses and Word Counts

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The Book of Enoch

The Book of Enoch is a very powerful, vivid, prophetic work which leaves the reader with a lasting impression. Due to its controversial nature, it may not be suitable for new or young Christians who have not yet been properly grounded in the Word of God. Because of some of the themes it contains, the Book of Enoch is not generally accepted as being Divinely Inspired by traditional Christianity. One of the primary reasons for this non-acceptance is due to its expanded account of "The Watchers". That is, the Fallen Angels who left their Heavenly Abode, and came down to the Earth in order to engage in sexual relations with mortal women. Because of its controversial contents, the Book of Enoch belongs to a group of writings which are referred to as apocryphal writings. This means that either their authenticity, authorship, or Divine Inspiration is in doubt; or at least it was in doubt at the time that the so-called early "Church Fathers" decided what should be included in the Bible. Following are links to the 108 chapters of the Book of Enoch. You may also be interested in reading my article entitled "The Book of Enoch: Truth or Heresy?".

Book of Enoch Chapts 01-15

Book of Enoch Chapts 16-38

Book of Enoch Chapts 39-56

Book of Enoch Chapts 57-68

Book of Enoch Chapts 69-76

Book of Enoch Chapts 77-88

Book of Enoch Chapts 89-92

Book of Enoch Chapts 91-102

Book of Enoch Chapts 103-108

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Carnivore - U.S. Government Invasion of Personal Privacy

When the American public first became aware of Carnivore -- the U.S. Government's secret and invasive email-sniffing program, which it pressured ISP's to install on their servers -- it created quite a stir, and voices of protest were raised. Today, more than a decade later, hardly anyone is making a peep about it . . . and Uncle Sam continues to snoop into our lives where he doesn't belong, in more ways than one.

Carnivore Diagnostic Tool : Info From FBI Web Site

Critics Attack FBI E-Mail Snooping Device : AP News 7/12/00

ACLU Urges Congress To Put A Leash On "Carnivore" : ACLU 7/12/00

ACLU Seeks FBI Computer Code On "Carnivore" : ACLU 7/14/00

ACLU : Block FBI E-Snoops : IDG News 7/17/00

ACLU Disappointed By Administration Speech On Electronic Privacy : ACLU 7/17/00

FBI Says Carnivore Will Not Devour Privacy : CNN News 7/21/00

Congress Probes FBI's E-Mail Use : AP News 7/24/00

Bill Addresses E-mail Surveillance : AP News 7/27/00

Reno Will Speed Up E-Mail Review : CNN News 8/3/00

Reno Plans FBI E-mail Probe : AP News 8/10/00

FBI To Release E-mail Documents : AP News 8/16/00

Reno Delays Carnivore Study Pick : AP News 8/23/00

Justice Dept Seeks Carnivore Review : AP News 8/24/00

Justice Department Releases Guidelines For Carnivore Review : Reuters 8/25/00

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Christmas - Its Pagan Origin

The information in this section deals with the historical pagan origin of the annual Christmas celebration, and the various customs which have become associated with it. The fact that I am making this information available to you, should not be interpreted as meaning that I fully endorse all of the teachings and points of view espoused by the authors of these articles and commentaries. Ultimately, you must decide what you wish to believe, as well as whether or not you wish to celebrate Christmas in your life. In addition to availing yourself of the information below, please also consider reading these article which were written by Bill Kochman:

Birth of Jesus and the Star of Bethlehem

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas?

The Mystery of Jesus' Date of Birth

Our Pagan World: The Easter Myth Exposed

Halloween and Samhain: No Room for Compromise

Articles Not written by Bill Kochman:

The Plain Truth About Christmas - Herbert W. Armstrong

Should A Christian Celebrate Christmas?

Definition Of Christmas - Encyclopedia Britannica

Constantine, Egyptian Sun Worship And The Epiphany

The History Of Christmas - K-House eNews

Dr. H. A. Ironside's Views On Christmas

Mithras - Mitra : The Persian Sun God

Saturn and Festival Of Saturnalia - Encyclopedia Britannica

Saturn And Festival Of Saturnalia - Encyclopedia Mythica

Charles Haddon Spurgeon On The Celebration Of Christmas

When Was Jesus Born? - K-House eNews

Whence Came The Christmas Tree? - K-House eNews

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Gay and Lesbian Agenda

In our modern, liberal world, it has become a common occurrence to know someone who is either gay, lesbian, bisexual, transvestite, non-binary or of some other sexual persuasion. While some Bible-believing Christians have remained firm in their stand against these unnatural and ungodly lifestyles, the world as a whole has sought to embrace them. While to some people it may seem that gay and lesbian rights issues are a recent occurrence, the truth of the matter is that for decades now, there has been a concerted effort by the gay and lesbian community to legitimize, legalize, and make their sexual sins acceptable to the rest of society. Not only have they been pursuing this agenda quite aggressively, but they have been quite successful at it as well. Tragically, as we all know, the government of the United States of America committed a grave error when the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex "marriage" across the land on June 26, 2015. One by one, other nations around the world are also having this ungodly sin legally forced upon them. Below is a list of my articles, as well as other information, which validates these points:

Biblical Marriage Ceremonies

Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah: A Warning to Modern Society

Future of Same-Sex Marriage

Queen James Bible: Blasphemous Abomination Exposed!

The Gay and Lesbian Agenda: To the Point!

When Sin is No Longer a Sin!

"Homosexuality Lesbianism Bestiality Transvestitism" KJV Bible Verse List

The Gay Gene? - By Jeffrey Satinover, M.D.

The Overhauling Of Straight America

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Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion

During the last nine decades, few, if any, documents have been a source of so much controversy, speculation, hatred and animosity as the so-called "Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion", also known as the "Wise Men" or the "Learned Elders". These documents are so controversial in nature, and so inflammatory to the Gentile reader, that the people to whom their origin is most often attributed -- that is, the Jews -- have purportedly spent billions of dollars and gone to great lengths to not only suppress the revelation of their dark contents, but in fact to prove once and for all that they are a complete forgery, and the evil invention of anti-Semitic elements of early twentieth century tsarist Russia. But are the Protocols of Zion really a hoax? Following are links to the twenty-four Protocols, as well as to other articles regarding the international scope of the power of the Jews, and their anticipation for the arrival of their false messiah -- Moshiach ben David -- whom they also refer to as the "King of the World". Read this information for yourself, and then arrive at your own conclusions. For additional information, you may also wish to consider reading my four-part series entitled "The International Jew and the Protocols of Zion", as well as the series "Welcome to Greater Israel, USA!". The commentary listed below called "The Truth About the Talmud" is particularly disgusting.

Protocol 01
Protocol 02
Protocol 03
Protocol 04
Protocol 05
Protocol 06
Protocol 07
Protocol 08
Protocol 09
Protocol 10
Protocol 11
Protocol 12
Protocol 13
Protocol 14
Protocol 15
Protocol 16
Protocol 17
Protocol 18
Protocol 19
Protocol 20
Protocol 21
Protocol 22
Protocol 23
Protocol 24

Jew Power - Quotes By And About The Zionist Jews

Let My People Go - By Mark Glenn

Rabbi Ovadia's Dream Creates Messianic Buzz

The Truth About The Talmud - by Michael A. Hoffman

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Roman Catholic Church - Alleged Superiority

As I point out in such series as "Lies and Deceptions of the Roman Catholic Church", "Roman Catholicism, Water Baptism and the Trinity", and in a number of other articles and series, since its founding during the Fourth Century, the Roman Catholic Church has claimed that it is the "one true faith" which was founded by Jesus Christ, and that it is thus superior to all other Christian faiths. Surprisingly, even today in the 21st Century, the Roman Catholic hierarchy continues to espouse this erroneous doctrine. Below you will find links to articles where the RCC's haughty attitude of alleged superiority is clearly exposed.

Vatican Document Reasserts Catholicism Superiority

Vatican Looks To Mend Religion Ties

Vatican Says Other Christian Faiths Are Not "Proper Churches"

Pope Takes Inclusive View Of Salvation

Roman Catholic Church - Mary Worship

As I point out in such articles as "Mary Worship, Christianity and Roman Catholicism" and "Lying Wonders of the Endtime", the practice of worshipping or praying to Mary -- the mother of Jesus -- and elevating her to the status of co-mediatrix and co-redemptress -- or co-redemptrix -- is both misguided, as well as totally contrary to the teachings of the Scriptures.

Seeking a Promotion for the Virgin Mary

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School Prayer & Separation of Church and State Controversy

While Satan has been determined to defeat God's wonderful Plan of Salvation, and to destroy our Christian faith, for thousands of years, in modern times, this battle has acquired a fevered pitch; so much so that it is even being waged in American courtrooms. Not content with Christ's Crucifixion on a Roman cross, today, the enemies of the Gospel are using legal means to try to force God and our Christian faith completely out of American society, from the public school system, to the branches of the government. Below you will find information which will help you to better understand what your rights are as a Christian living in the United States of America. In addition to this information, please consider reading some of my articles, such as "The Public School System and School Prayer", "What Is Wrong With Modern America?", and "The Plight of the Children!".

Religion In Public Schools - A Joint Statement Of Current Law

The History Of Prayer In Our Public Schools

The First Amendment, Religion And School Prayer

Controversy - Pro School Prayer Position

Controversy - Anti School Prayer Position

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Shroud of Turin

This section contains information regarding the history and scientific study of the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo, as well as the controversy connected to the same. Please note that some of these are in PDF format. As such, depending upon how you have your web browser set up, they may be automatically downloaded directly to your computer for off-line viewing. In addition to reading the information below, please consider reading my article "Faith and the Shroud of Turin".

Images of the Shroud of Turin :

Image Of The Face On The Shroud Of Turin

Angled View Of The Full Shroud Of Turin

Vertical View Of The Full Shroud Of Turin [Large]

Positive / Negative Views Of The Face On The Shroud Of Turin

Positive / Negative Views Of The Full Shroud Of Turin

History of, and Scientific Papers Regarding, Shroud of Turin and Sudarium :

CSST Overview Of Shroud Of Turin

Sudarium Of Oviedo : History / Relationship To Shroud

Authentication Of The Turin Shroud : Part 1

Authentication Of The Turin Shroud : Part 2

Authentication Of The Turin Shroud : Part 3

Authentication Of The Turin Shroud : Part 4

Authentication Of The Turin Shroud : Part 5

Authentication Of The Turin Shroud : Part 6

Authentication of the Turin Shroud : Part 7

An Autopsy On The Man Of The Shroud

Legal and Medical Aspects of Trial and Death of Christ : Part 1

Legal and Medical Aspects of Trial and Death of Christ : Part 2

Negativity Through the Ages vs Negative Image on the Shroud

Origin Of The Shroud Of Turin From The Near East

Blood on the Shroud of Turin: Immunological Review [PDF]

Comparative Study Of Sudarium Of Oviedo And Shroud Of Turin [PDF]

Floral Images on Shroud of Turin [PDF]

The Shroud and the Historical Jesus [PDF]

Nature Of The Body Images On The Shroud Of Turin [PDF]

Objections To The Shroud's Authenticity : The Radiocarbon Date [PDF]

Politics of Radiocarbon Dating of Turin Shroud [PDF]

Question of Pollen Grains on Shroud of Turin [PDF]

Shroud of Turin and Resurrection Problem [PDF]

Sudarium Of Oviedo: Recent Historical Investigations [PDF]

Summary of Challenges to Authenticity of Shroud of Turin [PDF]

News Articles Regarding the Shroud of Turin :

Second Coming Group Wants To Clone Jesus

Evidence Favors Shroud Of Turin As Real Thing

Shroud Exhibition Closes In Turin

Turin Shroud May Be Genuine After All

New Claims As Shroud Of Turin Goes On Display

Shroud Of Turin On View For First Time In 2 Decades

Where Did The Shroud Of Turin Originate? A Botanical Question

Pollen, Plant Traces Bolster Case For Shroud Of Turin

Science And The Shroud - Microbiology Meets Archaeology

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