Victim of Salt Poisoning

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February 16, 2017

A concentrated salt solution is injected into the amniotic fluid, killing the baby by acute salt poisoning. This technique is used after 16 weeks. It is no longer common in many Western countries because of its dangers to the mother, but pro-abortionists have exported this cheap technique for abortions to the majority world (developing countries) such as India.

It takes over an hour for the baby to die. After 24 hours, the mother goes into labour and delivers the dead child (although there are recorded cases of American babies, including singer Gianna Jessen, having survived the procedure).

Like animals, babies cannot tell us whether they are in pain. One indication of suffering is their reaction to what we would find painful. The contortion on the face of this baby, after the burning of the skin by the salt solution, may be an indication of what the infant has endured.

[ Bill's note: The victims of salt-poisoning abortions are also referred to as 'Candy Apple Babies', because once the outer layer of skin is burned away by the strong salt solution introduced into the amniotic sac, the red second layer of skin is exposed . . . Cooked alive by the abortionist! ]


An alternative (more expensive) late abortion drug is prostaglandin. It is not free of dangers to the mother, being associated with risks of haemorrhage, infection and retention of the placenta requiring surgical intervention. Prostaglandin causes powerful contractions of the womb expelling the fetus, and usually killing him or her in the process, although in some instances babies have been delivered alive as a result. In later abortions, doctors inject a further drug (such as the poison urea) into the womb, to ensure that the baby does not survive.

Source: Information taken from the SPUC.org.uk web site

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