Alien Life, Extrasolar Planets and Universal Atonement Part 3
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Authored By  :
Bill Kochman

Published On :
July 14, 2007

Last Updated :
January 3, 2009

2M1207b And The Public Rumor Mill, True Facts About 2M1207b,
H. G. Wells And 1938 "War Of The Worlds", Era Of Modern Tech,
Power Of Suggestion And Mass Manipulation, Fake Moon Landing?
The Apollo Flights And Van Allen Radiation Belt Controversy,
Capricorn One Movie, HAARP Project, Project Blue Beam, Modern
Skepticism & False Messiah's Appearance, Conspiracy Theories,
Safety Of God's Word, Are Odds In Favor Of Extrasolar Planets?
242 Planets But No Visual Evidence, Pseudo-Science And The
Double Standard, mu Arae Extrasolar Planet Discovery Article
The Power Of Images And Advertising, Satan's Subtle Tactics

As we concluded in part two, according to a news article that
appeared on The Planetary Society website in 2004, a team of
astronomers claim to have physically observed an extrasolar
planet. Since that time, this object has been provisionally
designated as "2M1207b". Please don't assume that I am just
slamming the author, because I most certainly am not. To the
contrary, I will give him credit. While he is a member of The
Planetary Society, and thus could have been tempted to try to
embellish the story, he hasn't done that. As far as we know,
he has presented an honest, factual story. However, where the
problem lies, is in what the insatiable mass media, as well
as the general public, will do with a story such as this. The
mass media has the propensity for hyping up such stories into
even more amazing accounts, because it raises circulation or
viewership, thus generating more profits. As sad as it may be,
that is just the way of the materialistic, money-minded world
in which we live.

For its part, the general public will pass the story from
mouth to mouth, ignoring what the author is actually saying;
so that in the long run, some people may have the impression
that an extrasolar planet has really been visually observed,
even though such has not been the case. In fact, if we really
want to get preposterous, if left to itself, the story could
even acquire a life of its own, and reach a point where some
people will begin to believe that not only has an extrasolar
planet been visually observed, but that it is also populated
with intelligent beings similar to ourselves. That is just
how the public rumor mill works; and the Internet is clear
proof of this. Within a matter of a few hours, a hot story
can stream across the Internet like wildfire, regardless of
whether or not there is any truth to it.

But concerning 2M1207b, which is believed by some astronomers
to revolve around its host star, 2M1207, a brown dwarf star
that is located in the constellation Hydra, some two hundred
light years from the Earth, as I continued my research for
this current series, I discovered that 2M1207b actually has
been photographed; by both the Hubble Space Telescope, and
also by the VLT, or Very Large Telescope, which is a part of
the Paranal Observatory that's located in northern Chile. The
Very Large Telescope is a project that was organized by the
European Southern Observatory. It actually consists of four
telescopes that are arranged in an array, and which work in
conjunction with each other. It was in fact astronomer Gael
Chauvin and his team, who are a part of the European Southern
Observatory, who actually discovered 2M1207b, and observed it
by infrared imaging. If you are visiting our graphic website,
you can see an image of 2M1207b and its companion star right
below this paragraph. The alleged "extrasolar planet" is the
red body located in the lower left corner of the image.

Click Here To See Image

According to online sources, 2M1207b is what is known amongst
astronomers as a gas giant, similar to the planet Jupiter. It
is believed to have a mass between five to eight times that of
Jupiter, and is calculated to be about forty-one to fifty-five
Astronomical Units from its host star, 2M1207. This is about
the same distance from our own Sun to the Dwarf Planet Pluto.
2M1207b's surface temperature is estimated to be about 976°C,
or 1790° Fahrenheit. While its infrared spectrum suggests the
presence of water molecules in its atmosphere, the consensus
is that 2M1207b is not a likely candidate for supporting any
form of life, either on its surface or on any satellites, if
it has any. As I noted earlier, this appears to be the story
with most of the alleged extrasolar planets that have been
discovered to date. They are mostly very large, on the order
of Saturn, Jupiter or considerably larger, hot and lifeless.

So the question now becomes, not whether or not 2M1207b has
ever been photographed, but rather what are we really seeing
in this photograph? Is it a bona fide "extrasolar planet", or
is it something else, such as a companion star which is part
of a binary system, or even a star which is in the foreground
or background of the image of 2M1207? As I noted before, this
is exactly the debate that has raged since its discovery. The
view of the highly-regarded International Astronomical Union,
is that 2M1207b may possibly be a planet. In short, the same
caution that was exercised when 2M1207b was first discovered
and reported in 2004, still exists three years later. As much
as they may desire to do so, the IAU is not yet prepared to
definitively state that 2M1207b is a real planet. Following
are some excerpts from the Wikipedia website:

----- Begin Quotes -----

"Although widely hailed as the first direct image of an
extrasolar planet . . . some question whether 2M1207b is
actually a planet. Some astronomers doubt that the body
formed in the same way as the planets in our solar system
(formation in a planetary disk). Such objectors say the body
likely formed in the same way stars are formed, from
gravitational collapse of a gaseous nebula. If this
interpretation is correct, the object would not be a planet,
but would be another brown dwarf, and the system would then
be a binary system consisting of two brown dwarfs."

"As of May 2005, the International Astronomical Union
officially described 2M1207b as "a possible planetary-mass
companion to a brown dwarf."

----- End Quotes -----

While these conclusions may dampen our expectation of finding
evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, or any kind of
life at all for that matter, allow me to remind you again that
just because we have not yet been presented with conclusive
photographic evidence that extrasolar planets exist, doesn't
mean that they are not out there. To the contrary, there are
many people, both scientists and layman alike, who believe
that as our astronomical technology continues to advance, the
day will eventually arrive when we will be able to photograph
real extrasolar planets; perhaps even a few that do possess
potential for hosting intelligent life.

The general attitude appears to be not if we will find them,
but rather when we will find them. Let us not forget that in
our own Solar System, Earth is the only planet out of eight
which has been blessed with intelligent life, as far as we
know; so it is logical to assume that we may have to observe
a lot of planets before we discover one that harbors life
similar to our own. And, as I stated earlier, we should not
be too hasty to close our minds to what God may have done in
other parts of our Galaxy, or in other areas of this great

The danger, as we have already discussed, is when we take
questionable data, distort it, and blow it completely out of
proportion, and fiction is suddenly and magically transformed
into fact. Once the information hits the general public, such
as via the Internet, there is no telling what it may lead to.
Human emotions, expectations and imagination, are extremely
powerful forces to deal with.

I am reminded of the October 30, 1938 radio drama presented
by the "Mercury Theater of the Air", which was directed by
Orson Welles. That particular Sunday evening, they aired a
dramatization of H. G. Wells' 1898 interplanetary science
fiction novel called "The War Of The Worlds"; which, as many
of you will already know, was eventually made into a movie
in 1953. In 2005, noted movie director Steven Spielberg made
a hi-tech version of the popular tale of alien invasion with
even more amazing special effects. It starred Tom Cruise and
Dakota Fanning, and was clearly the best version of the movie
in my view.

The original 1938 radio version of "War Of The Worlds" was
presented to the listening public as an emergency radio news
bulletin; and different actors played the parts of reporters
who were submitting live reports from the field in Grovers
Mill, New Jersey, which was the alleged site of the alien
invasion from the planet Mars. Perhaps some of you reading
this are old enough to remember the startling words of the
announcer who suddenly broke into the program and stated
"Ladies and gentlemen, I have a grave announcement to make.
Incredible as it may seem, strange beings who landed in New
Jersey tonight are the vanguard of an invading army from
Mars". Thus began the drama.

Because some people had tuned into the program after it had
already started, and were not aware of the fact that it was
just a fictional radio drama, they thought that Planet Earth
was actually being invaded by evil beings from Outer Space.
Not surprisingly, CBS, as well as many newspaper publishers,
were flooded with phone calls. From what I have read, the New
York Times alone received some 832 telephone calls. To prove
a point I made earlier regarding the media doing anything for
profit, the very next day, on October 31, 1938, which just so
happened to be Halloween day, the very same newspaper's front
page headline shouted "Fake War On Radio Spreads Panic Over
U.S.". With no regard for the truth, the paper irresponsibly
reported "waves of mass hysteria", which, according to their
story, had supposedly resulted in the mass evacuation of
Americans from various places.

Not to be outdone, the Associated Press wire service took the
bogus story even further, and declared "Tidal Wave Of Terror
Sweeps Nation". By this time, the fictional story had indeed
acquired a life of its own, and sadly, some newspapers were
reporting attempted suicides, traffic collisions and heart
attacks, as mass exoduses supposedly occurred all across the
United States. The defunct "Life" magazine even went as far
as publishing an image of a farmer bravely holding his rifle
as he readied himself for battle against the evil "Martian
invaders". So much for responsible journalism!

While some of you reading this series may shake your heads
in utter amazement, and wonder how people could have been so
gullible so as to have believed such a concocted story, if
nothing else, what I have just shared with you demonstrates
the power of the mass media, and of mass suggestion. It also
reveals how facts can quickly become distorted, and perhaps
even invented out of thin air, if certain parties put their
minds to it. Given the technological advances which we have
witnessed in the audio and video recording industry during
the past seventy years, not to mention the current state of
computer technology, laser technology, satellite technology
and other fields, one can only wonder what a government, or
perhaps a group of governments, might do, if it suited their
purposes. If you would like to know, please consider reading
my in-depth series "Nature Of The Alien: ET's, Demons Or
Gov't Plot?".

Even now, there are many tales circulating on the Internet,
the great promoter of rumors and conspiracy theories. It may
surprise some of you to know that there are some individuals
who still remain convinced that man never landed on the Moon.
I have read a few commentaries where critics mention the fact
that in some of the photographs which were taken, the shadows
appear to be at the wrong angles on certain objects; the idea
being that artificial lights, such as stage lights, were used
at the time of the filming. Others claim that numbers can be
seen on certain of the stage props which were used during the
filming of the alleged bogus Moon landing; and there are some
other anomalies as well, according to the critics.

Other more scientific reasons are offered as well, to try to
prove that the Apollo astronauts never went to the Moon. One
argument in particular, is that no matter how shielded they
may have been, the astronauts simply could not have traveled
safely through the Van Allen Radiation Belt without suffering
some adverse effects. In similar fashion, modern electronic
equipment, such as that which is commonly incorporated into
space vehicles and satellites, is also prone to malfunction
due to the same electromagnetic radiation.

In rebuttal, scientists, including Professor James Van Allen
himself, say that it is for this very reason that electronic
equipment that is used in Outer Space is "hardened", so that
there is less chance of it malfunctioning. Sometimes, certain
equipment, such as the Hubble Space Telescope, will even be
turned off when it is passing through an area of particularly
high radiation. These same NASA scientists also insist that
the Apollo launches were meticulously timed, and the lunar
orbits carefully calculated, so that the Apollo astronauts
spent a minimal amount of time in or near the Van Allen Belt;
thus greatly reducing their chances of getting cancer, and
other radiation related maladies during their lifetimes.

Some of you may likewise be familiar with the 1978 conspiracy
movie "Capricorn One", in which the U.S. Government covers up
a failed manned mission to Mars, by creating a fake one with
props and television cameras, just as we described with the
alleged bogus Apollo Moon landings. Of course, to add to the
suspenseful story line of the "Capricorn One" movie, the U.S.
Government decides that the astronauts who participated in
the mission, have to be eliminated, lest they tell the world
the awful truth regarding the fact that they never actually
went to Mars.

Some people have proposed that the "Capricorn One" movie may
have been the American Government's way of finally telling
the people the truth regarding the Apollo missions, but in an
indirect way. In other words, as I explain in the "Nature Of
The Alien" series, they will reveal a particular truth, but
they will present it in a fictitious manner, so that there is
still room for deniability. They will tell people the truth,
but then laugh at them, and ridicule them, for believing it.

Other conspiracy theorists, and they are many, point to the
controversial High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program,
commonly known as the "HAARP Project". Located not far from
Gakona, Alaska, just to the west of the Wrangell-Saint Elias
National Park, the HAARP Project is what is referred to as an
ionospheric heater. The key components of the project consist
of an Ionospheric Research Instrument, plus an array of about
one hundred and eighty dipole antennas. Together, they create
a high frequency transmitter system which projects either a
continuous signal or short pulses into the ionosphere, which
is the uppermost region of the Earth's atmosphere. The stated
purpose of the HAARP Project is "to understand, simulate and
control ionospheric processes that might alter the performance
of communication and surveillance systems".

While the HAARP Project facility is open on some days to the
general public, and is openly involved with quite a number of
universities, nevertheless, due to its association with DARPA,
(Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - an agency of the
United States Department of Defense), over the years, rumors
have persisted that it is being used for nefarious purposes.
Some people, including certain American scientists, accused
the US Government of possibly trying to use the HAARP Project
as a weapon to destroy or disable incoming enemy missiles, or
to knock out enemy satellite communications. In fact, in 2002
the Russian Parliament presented a critical report, signed by
ninety deputies of the Duma, to President Vladimir Putin, in
which they aired some of these same concerns.

A few years earlier, in September 1995, former teacher turned
author, Nick Begich Jr., published a very controversial book
entitled "Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances In Tesla
Technology", in which he suggested that HAARP's ionospheric
heater could potentially be used in conducting "geophysical

Other concerns have been expressed as well, whether they are
real or fiction. Some people worry that regardless of whether
it is intentional or accidental, the HAARP Project may create
a permanent hole in the Earth's atmosphere, which could have
negative effects for the Earth, being as it would result in a
steady stream of ultraviolet rays striking our planet. This
fear results from the fact that when the ionospheric heater
is in use, short powerful energy bursts temporarily heat up
and distort or expand the ionosphere. Scientists attempt to
allay this concern, by explaining that within a short period
after each experiment is conducted, the upper regions of the
atmosphere naturally return to their normal state.

According to some of the wilder rumors that have persisted on
the Internet for more than a decade, the HAARP Project is also
supposedly used to control weather patterns, (such as causing
droughts in specific areas of the world), as well as to induce
earthquakes. Some conspiracy theorists also claim that HAARP
can utilize ELF, (Extremely Low Frequency), waves to alter how
people are feeling, as well as to control their thoughts. In
other words, mind control. As I noted earlier, the scientists
associated with the HAARP Project insist that such accusations
are entirely baseless. Personally, I honestly don't know what
to believe regarding the HAARP Project; however, I don't trust
the U.S. Government to tell us the truth regarding its real
purpose. It seems that the American Government finds secondary
military applications for a lot of its so-called "scientific

Now if you find HAARP rumors difficult to accept, (and I can
certainly understand why you might), directly related to the
HAARP Project, is another alleged secret government project
referred to as "Project Blue Beam". According to information
found on the Internet, "Project Blue Beam" will supposedly be
used some day to technologically create the Second Coming of
Jesus Christ, by projecting huge holographic images into the
upper regions of Earth's atmosphere. In other words, Earth's
atmosphere will be used as a sort of projection screen. Using
this very same technology, it is claimed that people will be
able to hear the "voice of God" in their heads, while all of
these fantastic images are appearing in the sky. Even people
who are blind will supposedly be able to see these holograms,
and the "voice" will not be an audible one, but will only be
heard within one's own head. I find this rather alarming.

I will be the first to admit that the entire "Project Blue
Beam" story sounds quite wild; yet some people are convinced
that it may very well be this type of technology which will
be used to herald the arrival of the false messiah mentioned
in Paul's second Epistle to the Thessalonians. I'm really not
sure what to think about this.

As I mention in the "Nature Of The Alien" series, taking into
consideration the rather high level of doubt and skepticism
which characterizes our modern society, which is due in part
to the prominent role that science has achieved in our lives,
not to mention the many charlatans who have discredited our
faith due to their own selfish fame-seeking or money-making
schemes, I do wonder how the Son of Perdition, or Antichrist,
is going to convince people that he is "God" once he arrives.
This deception is obviously going to require an Earth-shaking
"feat of magic", which will either be the result of satanic
power, or else some form of advanced technology. I just don't
see how our skeptical society will be fooled into accepting
this demon-filled leader otherwise.

There are many other such crazy rumors and theories which
literally abound on the Internet; such as those concerning
the supposed identities of the Beast, the False Prophet and
the Antichrist; world domination theories which involve the
Freemasons, the Illuminati and other secret societies; and
much more. While I sometimes lightly broach a few of these
topics in my articles, as I've just done here, for the most
part, I do try to maintain a safe distance from them; due to
the simple fact that a lot of this information simply cannot
be soundly proven or verified. Unlike God's Word, it is just
not trustworthy. Not only that, but it can lead to a lot of
needless confusion for those who may be young in the faith,
who may not yet possess a firm foundation in God's Word, and
who may have very little Spiritual Discernment. My primary
job here is to feed God's sheep with the truth of His Word,
and to not delve too deeply into these other questionable

So the point is, some people can be easily fooled; and they
are gullible enough to believe anything, regardless of how
insane it may appear to the rest of us. But, lest we delve
too deeply into conspiracy theory here, let us return to the
main topic at hand; that is, extrasolar planets. Allow me to
clarify again that I'm not saying that extrasolar planets do
not exist, because I honestly don't know that to be true. In
fact, if the Universe is as big as astronomers claim that it
is; and if there are as many galaxies as scientists say that
there are; and if those distant galaxies are populated by as
many suns as modern science teaches us, then I would have to
concur with many others in stating that from a logical and
scientific point of view, there probably are many other host
stars and planetary systems out there. If this is true, then
the big questions to ask are: Are any of those distant worlds
habitable; and if they are habitable, do any of them really
possess intelligent life?

This is the scientific perspective; but as a Christian, the
bottom line for me still remains that I don't know the Mind
of God. I don't know what God may have done, or what He may
not have done. It's His Business. If it turns out that we do
eventually verify the existence of extrasolar planets through
conclusive visual observation and photographic imaging, and
if enough time remains for our race so that someday we might
even make contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial race,
great! Such a development wouldn't negatively affect my faith
in any way; because as I pointed out earlier in this series,
unlike certain other Christians, I haven't closed my mind to
this possibility; and neither am I absolutely certain that
the Bible completely closes the door on this possibility

What I have been doing throughout this series, is presenting
a few arguments in order to expose the double standard which
is used by some people who place a lot of faith in science,
yet who reject the Word of God as being true. These people,
such as some astronomers who are involved in the search for
extrasolar planets, for example, squabble over the status of
something which they have seen, that is to say, the planet
Pluto, and yet, they turn around and expect us Christians to
just blindly accept something which, to date, they have not
yet physically or visually observed; in other words, these
so-called two hundred and forty-two "extrasolar planets".
There's something wrong with that kind of logic in my view.

It just really bothers me that nobody can show us any regular
photographic images of these alleged extrasolar planets; not
one single one of them. As we saw earlier, yes, they do have
an image of 2M1207b, which is really an infrared image of the
alleged planet's heat signature, and not a true photograph as
most people expect to see; but since it was discovered a few
years ago, 2M1207b has been surrounded by controversy. Is it
really a planet, or just another brown dwarf star, or perhaps
something else? Even the astronomers themselves aren't sure;
yet the mass media is awash with the excitement of extrasolar
planets, as if they are popping up everywhere.

Doesn't the controversy surrounding the 2M1207b image raise
your suspicion just a little, as it does mine? Aren't these
astronomers really asking us to stretch our scientific faith
quite a bit? Science is supposed to operate more along the
lines of the old proverb "seeing is believing", but in this
case, it seems that they have taken a clear one hundred and
eighty degree turn, and are preaching to us "Believe now, and
see later"; and they are asking us to do it two hundred and
forty-two times, so far. How many times will it be in a year
from now?

Allow me to ask you something: Based upon the obvious absence
of indisputable, concrete, visual evidence, doesn't it appear
that what these astronomers are proposing, goes a bit beyond
the bounds of normal science? Doesn't it even border on being
pseudo-science? I think that it does. Of course, in one sense
perhaps we should be thankful that some of them have arrived
at the point where they are at least willing to believe in
something which they haven't seen with their own eyes yet. It
is, after all, what true faith is about. I mean, if they are
willing to believe in extrasolar planets based upon secondary
evidence alone, would it require much more of a leap of faith
in order for them to believe in God and His Word as well?

Okay; I confess; there is a bit of sarcasm in my words. From
my experiences on the SETI@home messageboard a few years ago,
I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that some of these atheists
and scientists have absolutely no intentions of accepting
that God is real, ever. They are religiously anti-religious,
you might say.

Some of you atheists who may possibly be reading this series,
will probably argue that my challenge to provide visual proof
in order to verify the existence of these extrasolar planets,
is not fair. You may even try to justify the lack of visual
evidence, simply by pointing to the fact that the technology
which is required in order to photograph these faint objects
does not exist yet. Be that as it may, the bottom line still
remains that these astronomers expect people to accept their
word by blind faith alone, you might say, while quite a few
of them refuse to demonstrate that same kind of faith in God
and His Word. Allow me to reiterate one more time, that it is
not fair for non-believers to apply such a strict standard to
us Christians, while you hypocritically apply a less rigorous
standard to yourselves, and to scientific methodology; and in
the case of extrasolar planets, you are guilty of doing this
very thing. You are practicing a double standard.

Allow me to share with you another clear example of how the
mass media purposely hypes up the truth, and manipulates the
public, concerning these alleged "discoveries" of extrasolar
planets, for the sake of presenting a good story. I was just
reading another one of these "discovery" stories on the CNN
website. Please note that altered versions of this very same
story, as well as related stories concerning the discoveries
of other so-called "extrasolar planets", can be found on many
other sites as well. I cannot guarantee that the link below
will still be active whenever you read this series, but if it
is, you can access this particular story at the following

Dated August 26th of 2004, this particular article appears
to have actually been written by someone associated with the website. This amazing story tells of the alleged
"discovery" of an extrasolar planet which is said to revolve
around the star "mu Arae". This star is believed to be quite
similar to our own Sun, and is calculated to be about fifty
light-years away from us in the southern constellation called
Ara, meaning "the altar". To help you to more easily grasp
the tremendous distances which are being discussed here, let
me inform you that a light-year is the distance that light
travels during the course of one year. In other words, we're
talking about six trillion miles per light-year; which means
that mu Arae is approximately three hundred trillion miles
away from us; assuming of course, that what astronomers tell
us is true. Clearly, such vast distances utterly boggle the
human mind, and are really beyond our finite comprehension.

What makes the mu Arae "discovery" exciting to astronomers,
is the fact that most of the extrasolar planets which have
been "discovered" to date, are located at least hundreds, if
not thousands, of light-years away from us; so the mu Arae
"discovery" is an oddity, whether it is real or not. Another
article I read, also states that this is actually the third
alleged "planet" which has been discovered to be in orbit
around mu Arae. The other two bodies are claimed to be two
Jupiter-sized planets which likewise cannot support life as
we know it.

The story is obviously written in such a way, so as to excite
the reader, and capture his or her imagination. In fact, the
alleged "planet" is described as theoretically possessing a
rocky core, which makes it similar to our own inner planets.
It's mass, surface conditions, atmospheric conditions, etc.,
are also described. In fact, the news article is accompanied
by an artist's impression of what the planet may look like as
it revolves around its host star, mu Arae; and the planet is
even referred to as a "super-Earth" in the article. Just so
you the reader understand, this term "super-Earth" is a hot
buzz word in the astronomy field right now, particularly as
it relates to this issue of extrasolar planets. Everyone is
now hot on the trail, and hoping to find smaller extrasolar
planets, which will more closely match the size of our own
Earth; the theory being that the closer the match that can
be made, the more likelihood there will be that the planet
may support some form of life as we understand it.

At any rate, it is rather obvious to me, that the author of
the article in question, as well as the artist who provided
the accompanying drawing, have gone to considerable lengths
in order to make this "discovery" appear as realistic as
possible; even comparing the "planet" to the Earth in some
ways; although they do note significant differences between
the two as well. When you arrive at the web page, the image
captures your attention right away; and I believe that this
is precisely what it is supposed to do. It plants a thought
in your brain, even before you have read the contents of the
story itself. It subtly raises your level of anticipation,
excitement, and curiosity, and it prepares you for what the
article says. It increases your level of believability.

Now, I would like to ask you to stop and think for a moment,
and seriously ponder how the casual reader is probably going
to react to this article. If they are not even familiar with
the concept of extrasolar planets, and much less understand
how they are determined to even exist, in their mind, they
are obviously going to believe that what is being described
here, is a real, physical planet, which has actually been
visually observed. The fact that the article is accompanied
by an artist's impression of what the planet may look like,
will further leave the reader with the impression that this
is a genuine, visually-observed planet.

In other words, the image serves to augment the deception in
a powerful way; because we're all greatly affected by images;
perhaps even more than we realize. It is precisely for this
same reason, that commercial advertising is so successful. As
they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Images appeal
directly to our senses, as well as to our imaginations and to
our inner lusts. In fact, as I have shared a number of times
before, these are the same tactics which are used by Satan
himself, who the Scriptures plainly tell us is the false god
of this world, and the king of sin and lust. When it comes to
appealing to, and enticing, our physical senses, the Devil is
a professional advertiser, because he has had a long time to
perfect his skills; in fact, ever since the Garden of Eden.
Please consider these verses:

"Love not the world, neither the things that are in the
world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is
not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the
flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is
not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth
away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God
abideth for ever."
1 John 2:15-17, KJV

"And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and
that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to
make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat,
and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat."
Genesis 3:6, KJV

"In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them
which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of
Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them."
2 Corinthians 4:4, KJV

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