History of the Authorized King James Bible Part 3
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Authored By  :
Bill Kochman

Published On :
July 29, 2002

Last Updated :
December 31, 2012

Images To Accompany "History Of The Authorized King James Bible".

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[1]  John 1 - Wycliffe     [2]  John 1 - Tyndale     [3]  Geneva Bible Cover


[1]  Desiderius Erasmus     [2]  John Wycliffe     [3]  William Tyndale     [4]  Tyndale Martyred


Images Of Martin Luther At Different Ages :



[1]  Philip Melanchthon     [2]  John Calvin     [3]  John Calvin     [4]  John Foxe


[1]  John Knox     [2]  Ulrich Zwingli     [3]  King Henry VIII     [4]  Emperor Charles V


[1]  Bloody Mary     [2]  Bloody Mary     [3]  Bloody Mary     [4]  Pope Leo X


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