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Folks, unless you happen to be one of my longtime Facebook friends who I have grown to trust, and unless you have a very important issue to discuss with me as one of my longtime friends, please have the courtesy to not private message me. For the record, I did not join Facebook so that I can engage in private text messages. I joined it so that I can share the Christian Gospel in an open, public forum; meaning on my timeline, on my Facebook page, and in the Bill’s Bible Basics group. If you are really interested in the Word of God, then please visit one of those three. Better yet, consider taking some time to actually visit my BBB website at https://www.billkochman.com. Trust me when I say that you will find a lot more there than you will on any of my Facebook pages.

The truth is that aside from the fact that I keep rather busy here working on the Bill’s Bible Basics ministry, I get way too many private chat requests from people in African and Asian countries who have ulterior motives. I am sure that many of you reading this know exactly what I am talking about. Such people will start an innocuous-sounding conversation with a “Hello” or an “Are you there?”, or some similar opening. After that, they will try to engage in a simple, casual conversation in their broken English for a while.

But then, they finally reveal why they are really texting you. It is not because they are really interested in being your friend and having Christian fellowship with you. It is that they have this mistaken idea that all Americans are just loaded with money, and they are hoping that you will help them out. Over the years, I have heard it all on Facebook. They want money to purchase school books. Their husband died, and now they are out on the street living with their kids. They have an orphanage full of starving children. They need money to build their church. Their children have no clothes to wear. They need Bibles for their congregants. And on and on it goes. As I said, I’ve heard it all. It’s possible that some of these stories may be true; but I am inclined to believe that most of them are bogus.

The bottom line is this: I am not a rich American. I am old and retired, and I live on a fixed income. My gosh, I don’t even own a car. So I am really sorry, but even if your needs are real, I simply cannot help you.

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Thanks for your consideration and cooperation!

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