-- a poem by Bill Kochman

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Excerpt from my article entitled "God's Golden Teeth, or Satan's Delusion":

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In like manner, some of the Christian music which fills the airwaves today is indeed inspiring and uplifting; although personally, I never really listen to any of it; partially because I require a quiet environment in order to do my work for the Lord, and also, because I do not like all of the commercials and doctrinal programs which fill up the time slots in between the good music. At the same time, I must also tell you that after paying closer attention to some of the song lyrics on some of the radio shows which are geared towards young Christians, that is, when you can even hear them through the "music", I have to conclude that some of it is not only a far cry from the beautiful Psalms of King David, but it is downright unchristian. It is no better than the hard rock, worldly music that I used to listen to as a young teenager before I began to follow the Lord. It is a deceptive mixture of Satanic noise, with the words "Christ", "Jesus", "Lord", "God", etc., lightly dispersed throughout the song, in order to give it a somewhat "Christian" flavor.

This so-called "Christian rock" music reminds me of one of those vanilla ice cream bars which you eat on a stick, which has a thin chocolate covering on the outside. It appears to be one thing, but you quickly discover that it is something entirely different once you bite into it. It is truly sad, because you see, just as some of their parents are being deceived by the sights, sounds and thrills of all of these so-called "manifestations", which are being performed by the ringleaders at their spiritual circuses, the children are doing the very same thing when they attend these "Christian rock" concerts. Both parents and children are getting excited and emotional in the flesh by these things, but it is all just Satan's deceptive counterfeit. Once a person leaves the Christian rock concert, or the fellowship filled with all of these "manifestations", the temporary thrill wears off; and for the next six days, they live their ho-hum existence, until they can go back for a refill when the next weekend arrives. This is not what true Christianity is about.

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