Prophet Jeremiah
-- a poem by Bill Kochman

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I find it amazing how similar the attitudes are between the modern, terribly backslidden U.S.A. and ancient Israel.

As I explain in some of my articles and other graphics, the ancient Israelites were engaged in some of the VERY SAME THINGS which we find occurring in the United States today.

For example . . .
1. Worshipping many false gods . . . just like America with its many false religions which worship other gods, natural forces and so-called "holy" men who deny the divinity and Savior status of Jesus Christ.

2. Sacrificing their own children to the false gods . . . just as America engages in murderous abortion by the millions over the past forty-five years.

3. Homosexuality . . . same-sex "marriage" and other LGBT/GQ/Non-Binary nonsense in America today. Need I say more?

4. Corrupt political leaders . . . does not even require an explanation regarding modern America's political composition.

5. Corrupt religious leaders who enrich themselves at the expense of their flocks . . . Ah yes! Just like the good old "prosperity gospel" and "abundant life" doctrines in America today.

6. False prophets who prophesied of peace and safety . . . just like so many modern false American prophets who tell us that everything is well, and that we should just be happy, strive to be rich, and enjoy our materialistic lives.

7. And perhaps the most shocking is number seven. The attitudes of the people back then was EXACTLY the same as it is today in America. They were quite happy with their corrupt political and religious leaders. It is all in the Book of Jeremiah. They did NOT want any true Prophets of God around who exposed their sins. They wanted to sin. They wanted to remain spiritually blind. So what did they do? They persecuted and killed their true Prophets, just as Jesus described in the Gospels, and in the Book of Revelation.

The attitude in America today is exactly the same, both online and offline. Many Americans scoff at God's true servants, preachers and prophets. They don't want to hear them. They laugh them to scorn, or worse. They beat them up, throw them in jail for preaching the truth, burn down their churches, and sometimes, in even more radical cases, kill them.
Well, you can say "God bless America!", but I most certainly won't. How can I offer a blessing, when America has already passed the point of no return and cursed herself by outright and blatantly defying God's Laws in so many ways? She has repeatedly poked her finger in His eye figuratively-speaking. She is inviting trouble of her own accord.

Let me share a quote with you from part two of my recent three-part series entitled "Don't Ever Underestimate Our Spiritual Enemy:

----- Begin Quote -----

As my long-time online friends and readers will know, since I began this online writing ministry some twenty-two years ago, I have never claimed to be a Prophet of God. Neither have I ever asked the Lord to make me a Prophet. I don't want to be a Prophet. That is some serious responsibility. Furthermore, as I have mentioned before, over the years, decades in fact, I have seen a sufficient number of men of God fall right on their faces, and suffer public embarrassment and humiliation, and be totally discredited, due to their false prophecies. I discuss a number of them in some of the articles which I will list for you at the end of this current series.

Not only that, but as some of you will already know, one of my pet peeves has long been the multitude of false, wannabe "prophets" and "prophetesses" who literally plague and overrun such social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. I pray to God that I am never grouped with such people. That is why I am very careful regarding what I write and state online. As the old saying goes, a wise man learns from his own mistakes, but a wiser man learns from the mistakes of others.

So regarding the precise timing of the judgment of America, I just don't know. All I can tell you is this: Look at the Biblical record. If there is one thing which we clearly learn from it, it is that we have a righteous God who will only tolerate sin and outright rebellion for so long. As we learned earlier, He will exercise great Patience and Mercy, but eventually, unless there is true repentance, God will also lower His great Rod of Correction against the United States, as well as against all other nations, at some point.

This has apparently been God's rule and manner of behavior since at least the beginning of Biblical history. He can no more ignore our sins against Him, than He could ignore the sins of ancient Israel and other nations in the Bible. He has to eventually root them out through harsh chastisement, if that is what is required. That is sometimes what it takes to thoroughly eradicate sin and rebellion. If you want to know exactly how severe such Divine Chastisements can be, I again encourage you to read some of the accounts of the Old Testament Prophets. Read the Lamentations of Jeremiah, for example.

As I said, when that will occur with the United States of America, I honestly do not know, and I will not pretend to know. All I will say is this, if the forty-year examples we find in the Holy Scriptures are any indication, then perhaps America's time has almost run out. However, this is by no means any kind of divine prophecy on my part, so please do not interpret it as such, and do not go online and promote it as such. I am simply pointing you to Biblical examples, and Biblical time frames which pertained to ancient Israel. They may or may not apply to God's timetable for America.

----- End Quote -----

So, God bless America? Quite frankly, I sense something quite different than blessings coming from the Lord.

Are these stiff words for some of you? Do I offend you? Do I insult your patriotism? Well, maybe stiff, but the absolute truth, and I hope that you have the spiritual fortitude to accept what I am saying here, and don't just harden your heart against it, as so many compromised Christians have already done.

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