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Posted on 05/19/19 08:14:38 AM
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Women Shepherds and Pastors: A Biblical Perspective
This three-part series can be read online at the following URL:

As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this series:

Women Shepherds and Pastors: A Biblical Perspective - Part 1

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Published On : January 1, 2001

Last Updated : May 15, 2019

No Scriptural Basis For Women Church Leaders, Christian Faith Is Solely Based On God's Word, Eternal Nature Of God's Word, Scriptural Warnings Regarding False Doctrines, Women Are To Keep Silent In The Church, Simeon And Anna, Circumcision And Purification, False Prophetess Jezebel's Ancient Sex Cult, Self-Appointed Or God-Appointed And Anointed?, Modern Plague Of False Prophets And Prophetesses, Offend: Warning Regarding Leading God's Children Astray, Woman's Role In Old Testament, Deborah Barak Jael's Nail And Sisera's Defeat, The Israelites Petition Gideon To Be Their King After He Defeats Midianites, Abimelech Conspires To Become The King Over Israel, God Sees All Of Man's Doings, Death Of Abimelech, We Reap What We Sow

Women Shepherds and Pastors: A Biblical Perspective - Part 2

Story Of Queen Esther And King Ahasuerus, Summoned Before The King, Rebellious Queen Vashti, Pride Humility Submissiveness, Women Are To Be Submissive To Their Husbands, Danger Of Pride And Reward Of Humility, Biblical Mandates Regarding Christian Marriage, Ancient Israel's Male Leadership, Biblical Examples Where God Chooses Men For Spiritual And Leadership Positions, God Hasn't Changed, Women Are In Supportive Roles, Neither Male Nor Female Doctrine, Contradiction In The Scriptures Or A Misunderstanding On Our Part?, Context Of Epistle To The Corinthians And Epistle To The Galatians, Women Keep Silence

Women Shepherds and Pastors: A Biblical Perspective - Part 3

Sin In The Garden Of Eden, Eve's Punishment, Old Testament And New Testament Connection, Motivation Behind The Apostle Paul's Words, Beware Of The Jezebel Spirit, Miriam Murmurs Against Moses, Closing Remarks, BBB Reading Resources List

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