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Posted on 06/10/19 04:10:11 AM
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What It Means to Repent
This four-part series can be read online at the following URL:

As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this series:

What It Means to Repent - Part 1

Copyright 1994 - 2019 Bill's Bible Basics

Published On : June 10, 2019

Last Updated : June 10, 2019

Introduction, God Grieves Man's Wickedness On The Earth, The Hebrew Word "Nacham", God Changes His Mind And Decides To Destroy Man, God Changes His Mind Concerning Destroying The Israelites, The Israelites' Long History Of Disobedience And Outright Apostasy, God Chastises Israel Through Crop Failure Drought Disease Invasion Subjugation And Death, God Changes His Mind And Stops The Affliction, To Repent Is Related To A Change Of Mental State, God Does Not Go Back On His Word Or Change His Mind, The Prophet Samuel And Rebellious King Saul, Surety Of God's Eternal Word, The Exodus And The Philistines, My Approach To Teaching The Scriptures, John The Baptist's Message Of Repentance, Koine Greek Word "Metanoeo" Means To Change One's Mind, Jesus Preaches Repentance, Other Verses Which Use "Metanoeo" And "Metanoia", Repent Ye And Believe

What It Means to Repent - Part 2

Repent Ye And Believe The Gospel, Evolution Of The Meaning Of The Word "Repentance", The Political And Religious Leadership Of Israel Rejected Jesus, The Jews Attempt To Cover Up Jesus' Resurrection From The Dead, Miracles Confirmed Who Jesus Is, I Am He, First Century Spiritual Blindness, Antichrist Spirit And Deceivers, Spiritual State Of Our Modern Skeptical World, Beware Of The False Gospel Of "Easy Believism", The Result Of Repenting Is Believing In Jesus Christ, "Repent Of Your Sins" Isn't Found In The Bible, Being Sorry For Sins Is Not Enough

What It Means to Repent - Part 3

"Repent Of Your Sins" Is Not Found In The Bible, Being Sorry For Our Sins Is Not Enough, Repentance Equates To Belief In Jesus Christ, Blasphemy Against The Holy Ghost, God Does Not Lie, It's God The Father Alone Who Draws Us To Christ And Who Remits All Of Our Sins, Due To His Own Goodness And Grace God Leads Us To Repentance, Salvation Isn't The Result Of Our Own Good Works, We Have No Righteousness Of Our Own, Process Of Conversion: Changed Mental State, Become As Little Children, The Faith Of A Little Child, Koine Greek Words "Strepho" And "Epistrepho", The Apostle Peter's Denial And Conversion, True Repentance Is An Ongoing Process, We Need Transformed Minds, New Creatures In Jesus Christ, Regenerated By The Holy Ghost

What It Means to Repent - Part 4

The Challenges of Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Battle Is Waged In Our Minds, Don't Faint In Your Mind, Beware Of The Devil's Devices, Regenerated And Empowered By God's Holy Ghost, Stay Grounded In The Word, The Importance Of Christian Fellowship, Take Up Your Cross Daily, Run The Race Of Faith With Patience, Win Your Crown, Closing Remarks, Suggested Reading Resources

Bill Kochman
Billís Bible Basics


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