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Posted on 09/19/19 02:11:00 AM
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What is Meant by Abraham's Bosom?
This one-part article can be read online at the following URL:

As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this article:

What is Meant by Abraham's Bosom?

Copyright 1994 - 2019 Bill's Bible Basics

Published On : September 16, 2019

Last Updated : September 16, 2019

Introduction, Jesus' Parable Concerning The Rich Man And The Beggar Lazarus, Hades Or Hell Refers To A Hot Place Of Fiery Torment Reserved For The Wicked, Great Gulf: High As Heaven And Deeper Than Hell, The Rich Man Was Buried While Lazarus Was Carried By The Angels, Is The Phrase "Abraham's Bosom" A Metaphor For Heaven Itself?, Abraham Was Called The Friend Of God, Abraham's Faith Was Counted Unto Him For Righteousness, Jewish Custom Of Leaning On One's Bosom, John And Jesus At The Last Supper, Jesus Is In The Bosom Of The Father, Laying In The Bosom Of A Master Was Considered An Honor And Special Privilege, This Is My Beloved Son In Whom I Am Well Pleased, Jesus' Counsel To Always Take The Lower Seat, Jesus Calls Out The Self-Righteous And Unworthy Scribes And Pharisees, We Too Become Righteous Through Our Faith In Jesus Christ, We're The True Children Of Abraham Due To Our Faith In Jesus, The False Jews Are The Synagogue Of Satan And Not The True Children Of Abraham, We Are Adopted Children Of God, "In Thee Shall All Nations Be Blessed" Refers To Salvation Through Christ, "Thy Seed" Refers To Jesus And Not To The Jews In General, We Owe Modern Antichrist Jews Absolutely Nothing, Beware Of Jewish Legalism And Judaizers, Sit Down With Abraham And Isaac And Jacob In The Kingdom Of Heaven, Unbelieving Jews Cast Out, Garments Of Salvation And Robe Of Righteousness, Now Is The Day Of Salvation, Closing Remarks, BBB Suggested Reading List

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