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February 16, 2017

Quotes From The Babylonian Talmud - blueprint for zionism :

Note : In addition to the excerpts below, you will find many more quotations extracted from the Babylonian Talmud in the article "The Truth About The Babylonian Talmud".

Every Jew has the obligation to see that Christian churches are burned down and wiped out. The faithful must be insulted and the clergy killed.

-- Schulchan Aruch, Jore dea, 146, 14

If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed.

-- Sanhedrin 58b

A Jewish man is obligated to say the following prayer every day: Thank you God for not making me a gentile, a woman or a slave.

-- Menahoth 43b-44a

Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.

-- Baba Kamma 113a

A Jew need not pay a gentile ("Cuthean") the wages owed him for work."

-- Sanhedrin 57a

If a Jew finds an object lost by a gentile ("heathen") it does not have to be returned. (Affirmed also in Baba Kamma 113b). Sanhedrin 76a. God will not spare a Jew who "marries his daughter to an old man or takes a wife for his infant son or returns a lost article to a Cuthean . . ."

-- Baba Mezia 24a

When a Jew murders a gentile ("Cuthean"), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

-- Sanhedrin 57a

The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel."

-- Baba Kamma 37b

Non-Jewish Children are Sub-Human.

-- Yebamoth 98a

Quotes From Jewish Leaders And Other Jewish Personages :

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear : Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."

-- Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

"We have exhausted our requests. President Clinton has answered all our needs. There has been no American president in history like President Clinton, in his support of Israel and the Jewish people."

-- Shimon Peres, Israeli Labor Party leader, Washington Report, July 1996, page 17.

"President Clinton behaves like an obedient child of Israel and does not know how to say 'No.'"

-- Nahum Barnea, Israeli writer, Washington Report, July 1996 page 17.

"One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail."

-- Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, New York Times, February 28, 1994.

"We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves."

-- Chairman Heilbrun, Committee for the Re-election of General Shlomo Lahat, mayor of Tel Aviv, October, 1983.

Quotes From Other World Leaders And Personages :

". . . today the Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them . . . They invented socialism, communism, human rights and democracy, so that persecuting them would appear to be wrong, so that they can enjoy equal rights with others . . . With these they have gained control of the most powerful countries and they, this tiny community, have become a world power.

-- Mahathir Mohamed, former Prime Minister of Malaysia, at the tenth session of the Organization of Islamic Conference, October 16, 2003.

"I've never seen a president -- I don't care who he is -- stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles your mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what's going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn't writing anything down. If the American people understood what grip those people have on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens don't have any idea what goes on."

-- Admiral Thomas Moorer of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washington Report December, 1999, page 124, quoting from Andrew Hurley's book "One Nation Under Israel".

"The little Knesset"

-- Secretary of State James Baker describing pro-Israel Congressmen, quoted on the Zionist Organization of America web site, which in turn quotes the Los Angeles Times, March 7, 1992.

"The Capitol Hill is an Israeli occupied territory".

-- Patrick Buchanan, St. Louis Dispatch, October 20, 1990.

"The Israeli Prime Minister has a lot more influence over the foreign policy of the United States in the Middle East than he has in his own country."

-- Former Congressman Paul Findley, in his book "They Dare to Speak Out", page 92.

"The Israelis control the policy in the congress and the senate . . . somewhere around 80 percent of the senate of the United States is completely in support of Israel -- of anything Israel wants."

-- Senator William Fullbright, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Oct. 7, 1973, on CBS' "Face the Nation".

"I know I was elected by the votes of American Jews. I owe them my victory. Tell me, is there something I ought to do?"

-- American President John F. Kennedy speaking privately to Ben-Gurion, page 90, A & L Cockburn 1991.

"I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy [in the Middle East] not approved by the Jews. Former Secretary of State George Marshall and former Defense Secretary James Forrestral learned that . . . terrific control the Jews have over the news media and the barrage the Jews have built up on congressmen . . . I am very much concerned over the fact that the Jewish influence here is completely dominating the scene and making it almost impossible to get congress to do anything they don't approve of. The Israeli embassy is practically dictating to the congress through influential Jewish people in the country"

-- Secretary. of State John Foster Dulles, February, 1957, quoted on page 99 of "Fallen Pillars" by Donald Neff.

"I do not think I ever had as much pressure and propaganda aimed at the White House as I had in this instance"

-- U.S. President Harry Truman, writing in his memoirs about the Zionist pressure to support the partition of Palestine in 1947.

"We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the world - no longer a Government of free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men."

-- Woodrow Wilson, American President during World War I.

Quotes From Other Sources :

"On the other hand, the president's [Bush] political advisors are afraid that if their boss doesn't find a way to remain on the fence, and tries to twist Sharon's arm, the prime minister won't hesitate to show the American voter who's the real boss in Washington. "

-- "U.S. Bosses, West Bank Factions, EU Mediators" by Akiva Eldar, Ha'aretz, October 14, 2003.

"Survey: 34% of Americans say Jews have too much influence . . ."

A nationwide survey released Tuesday shows anti-Semitism is growing in the United States . . ."

The poll showed that nearly a third of all U.S. citizens fear a Jewish president may have divided loyalties when dealing with Israel, the report said.

The survey, conducted by the Institute for Jewish and Community Research in San Francisco, also found that nearly one in four Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 believe that Jewish control of the media distorts the news. Only 16 percent of older Americans held the same view.

The poll also found that that 34 percent of Americans agree that "Jews have too much influence on Wall Street," and 37 percent believe that the Jews were responsible for killing Jesus Christ.

-- San Francisco Chronicle, January 27, 2003.

"As president, George W. Bush would support Israel even if it decides not to take risks for peace, former president Ronald Reagan's Secretary of State (George Schultz) told a Jewish audience gathered here for the Republican National Convention".

-- "Bush Will Support Israel Unconditionally", By Janine Zacharia, Jerusalem Post, August 2, 2000.

"The White House has announced two key State Department appointments that deal with Middle East affairs. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said yesterday that President George W. Bush would appoint Marc Grossman, a former ambassador to Turkey and career diplomat as Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, to the No. 3 position at the State Department, and Richard Haass as Director of Policy Planning."

-- "Bush Appoints MidEast Advisers", By Janine Zacharia, Jerusalem Post, February 7 2001.

[Editor's note : Bush has many other Jews around him as well, such as his spokesman, Ari Fleischer, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Perle, Libby, Feith, Abrams, Wurmser, etc.]

"As President George W. Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld took on Syria in an oratorical shock and awe campaign this week, Israel gave signs of what it would like to see Washington do to bring Damascus to heel, and what the Jewish state could gain from the effort...Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz also set out a long list of demands he said the administration would be asked to press on Syria. Mofaz told the Ma'ariv daily: "We have a long list of issues that we are thinking of demanding of the Syrians, and it is proper that this be done by the Americans."

-- "Shock and Assad - Israel's Wish List", by Bradley Burston, Ha'aretz, April 15, 2003.

"As the tide of opposition has grown, so has an undercurrent of argument that Jewish influence in America and Israel is a crucial factor pushing Washington into battle . . . "If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this," Congressman Jim Moran (R: Virginia) . . . Moran's remarks came amid a flood of commentary from analysts of both the American left and right suggesting that Bush administration was taking advice - if not outright orders - from the Sharon government and the Israeli defense establishment on handling Saddam Hussein."

-- "The Iraq Crisis as the War of the Jews", by Bradley Burston, Ha'aretz, October 20, 2003.

"The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history."

-- "White Man's Burden", By Ari Shavit, Ha'aretz, July 31, 2003.

"With the assault on Iraq, the US was not merely adopting Israel's long-established methods - of initiative, offence and pre-emption - it was also adopting Israel's adversaries as its own."

-- David Hirst, The Oberserver, September 21, 2003.

"Arthur Hays Sulzberger, when he was publisher of the New York Times, said publicly, "I dislike the coercive methods of Zionists who in this country have not hesitated to use economic means to silence persons who have different views. I object to the attempts at character assassination of those who do not agree with them."

I speak more to the point. The Zionists in America are the biggest enemy of freedom of speech and freedom of the press there is. And don't confuse Zionism with Judaism. Zionism is a secular political movement that would do anything to support the state of Israel. Judaism is a religion. Not all Jews are Zionists."

-- "Repetition doesn't make a lie the truth -- this is how I know", By Charley Reese, Orlando Sentinel, May 23, 1999.

"For the first time, a U.S. administration and a Likud government in Israel are pursuing nearly identical policies . . . The Likudniks are really in charge now," said a senior (U.S.) government official, using a Yiddish term for supporters of Sharon's political party . . . Members of the group do not hide their friendships and connections, or their loyalty to strong positions in support of Israel and Likud . . . Friends of Israel in Congress also lined up with Sharon. In November 2001, 89 out of 100 senators signed a letter to Bush asking the administration not to try to restrain Israel from using "all [its] strength and might . . . Said a senior official of the first Bush administration who is critical of this one: "Sharon played the president like a violin" . . . In recent months Israel has sharply escalated settlement activity in the West Bank. In an interview with The Washington Post, Sharon recently dismissed the quartet as "nothing -- don't take it seriously."

-- "Bush Moves U.S. Closer to Sharon On Mideast Policy", by Robert G. Kaiser, Washington Post, February 9, 2003.

A Congressional Staffer Details Israel's Stranglehold on Capitol Hill : "We are All Members of Likud Now."

"For expressions of sheer groveling subservience to a foreign power, the pronouncements of Laval and Petain pale in comparison to the rhetorical devotion with which certain Congressmen have bathed the Israel of Ariel Sharon . . . Israel's strategy of using its influence on the American political system to turn the U.S. national security apparatus into its own personal attack dog -- or Golem -- has alienated the United States from much of the Third World, has worsened U.S. ties to Europe amid rancorous insinuations of anti-Semitism, and makes the United States a hated bully. And by cutting off all diplomatic lines of retreat -- as Sharon did when he publicly made President Bush, the leader of the Free World, look like an impotent fool -- Israel paradoxically forces the United States to draw closer to Israel because there is no thinkable alternative for American politicians than continuing to invest political capital in Israel . . . We have now reached the point where there may be no turning back as nuclear Armageddon beckons from the Middle East. Writing recently in The Washington Post, Chris Patten, the European commissioner for external relations, says "a senior Democratic senator [alas, Patten does not name him] told a visiting European the other day: 'All of us here are members of Likud now.'

-- "Our Vichy Congress"; by George Sunderland, CounterPunch, May 10, 2002.

"Here was a cabal of intellectuals telling the Commander-in-Chief, nine days after an attack on America, that if he did not follow their war plans, he would be charged with surrendering to terror . . . What these neoconservatives seek is to conscript American blood to make the world safe for Israel. They want the peace of the sword imposed on Islam and American soldiers to die if necessary to impose it."

-- "Whose War?", by Patrick Buchanan, The American Conservative, March 24, 2003.

"Entrenched in business, government, and media, American Zionism has since the sixties acquired a firm grip on the levers of public opinion and official policy toward Israel . . . The colonists have in this sense at length acquired something like the metropolitan state - or state within a state - they initially lacked."

-- "Scurrying Towards Bethlehem", by historian Perry Anderson, New Left Review, July-August 2001.

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