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Authored By  :
Bill Kochman

Published On :
January 30, 2019

Last Updated :
February 21, 2024

Like most websites, since its inception in early 1997, the Bill's Bible Basics website has undergone a number of significant changes. Its name has changed a few times, and its overall design has changed a few times as well in order to keep pace with modern technology and ever-changing web standards. But most importantly, the BBB website has expanded in both size and content, so that it has truly become a well-rounded place where you can really dig into God's Word in a variety of different ways, and learn so much, if you choose to invest the time.

At this present time -- February 21, 2024 -- the Bill's Bible Basics website consists of over 6,500 HTML documents, 304 PDF documents and over 5,200 images in PNG, GIF, JPG and SWF format. The main features of the BBB website are the following:

• 334 Original articles and series written by Bill Kochman since 1994. Also available in PDF format.

• 850+ Original poems composed by Bill Kochman since 2014, most of which are Bible-based. Each poem also includes related Bible studies.

• 690+ Topical KJV Bible Verse Lists personally compiled by Bill Kochman since 2002.

• The BBB Graphics Library: 5,200+ Shareable images created by Bill Kochman since about 2011. Each category page includes related Bible studies.

• The Bill's Bible Basics Blog: new content by Bill Kochman just about every single day, and syndicated to multiple social networks.

• The BBB Search Engine: find specific information in Bill's articles and series.

• Online KJV Bible

• 2,644 BBB Tidbits (informational files).

• 90 Maps, Bible-related, Middle East, world empires, missionary journeys, etc.

• 137 Third-party BBB support documents which substantiate some BBB teachings.

So as you can see, there is a lot to explore on the Bill's Bible Basics website. To visit these different areas of the BBB website, simply use the links which are available on the lower portion of this same page. I pray that my years of hard work here will be a blessing and an inspiration in your life, and that it will help you to grow in your knowledge of God's Word.

Your fellowservant,
Bill Kochman

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