Comet Elenin, Hercolubus, Nibiru, and Planet X Part 4
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Bill Kochman

Published On :
May 15, 2013

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May 15, 2013

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Deception, Misguided Teachers and False Prophets

If -- as Scott McAllister and other wannabe prophets claim -- it was really the aim of astronomers and national governments to conceal this astronomical data from the public, then in my opinion, they did a very poor job of it. Why would they block this information from the Google Sky program, but then not do the very same thing with other astronomy apps and websites? It just does not make any sense. Does anyone really believe that the U.S. government is that sloppy? So again, people who have been promoting these misguided beliefs -- such as Scott McAllister -- are not only deceived themselves, but they are deceiving other people as well, regardless of whether it is intentional or not. Scott may be very well-meaning, but he is still leading people astray with his misguided theories and personal speculations. I am reminded of verses such as the following:

"But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived."
2 Timothy 3:13, KJV

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;"
2 Timothy 4:3, KJV

"But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction."
2 Peter 2:1, KJV

"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."
1 John 4:1, KJV

So to reiterate what I stated earlier, it appears that Scott is intentionally providing only the information which will support his theology, while ignoring or purposely omitting the information which might expose its weaknesses. He wanted so much to believe that the Lord was going to return during the Jewish month of Tishri in 2011 when the aforementioned Jewish feast days occur, that in his video he lines up his evidence so that it all points to that event.

If you actually take the time to watch the video, you will quickly realize that while Scott attempts to appear neutral and fair at the beginning of his presentation, by presenting both sides of the issue -- that is, the government and the scientific community's point of view, as well as the skeptics point of view -- as the video progresses, he makes statements to purposely try to discredit and cast doubt on what both the government and scientists are saying regarding Comet Elenin. Clearly, he has an agenda; and that agenda is to build the suspense, and to prepare you for his final "revelation" near the end of his presentation. We will discuss his "revelation" a bit later.

Passing the Blame When Predictions Fail

While Scott uses words like "maybe", "perhaps" and "potential" in different parts of his video, my impression is that he only uses those words as a way to protect himself, just in case he turns out to be wrong; which, as now has become very obvious, he most certainly was. He was embarrassingly wrong.

What some of these online false prophets tend to do when their predictions fail, is to simply argue "Well, I was telling you what someone else said. I was just sharing their information with you." In other words, they try to pass the blame, as well as their failure, on to someone else. However, throughout this video, Scott makes some very clear statements regarding what he personally expects to happen, insofar as Comet Elenin is concerned. He is not quoting from someone else. He is telling us what he thinks will happen. As such, being as those things have not happened, we can hold him to his words. Scott cannot blame someone else for his wayward predictions. He freely made that video, and he freely passed along the false information, even lending it his support.

Remove the Video From YouTube and the Web

Personally, I think that the smartest thing he could possibly do right now, is remove that video from his website, from the YouTube website, and from wherever else his presentation can be found. Sadly, it is already too late for any serious level of damage control; because at the time that I first began to work on this series in September of 2011, Scott's video had already been viewed by almost one hundred thousand people on the YouTube website alone. Who knows how many other people have downloaded it, or else distributed it to other areas of the Internet. In short, not only has Scott suffered a major embarrassment because nothing occurred as he predicted, but his foolish video has seriously harmed -- and continues to harm -- our faith. Once again we Christians have become the laughingstock of ungodly mockers and their ilk, as a result of Scott's foolishness.

05-15-13 Update: While the video still seems to be available on Scotts website on his videos page, I just discovered that if you click on it in order to play it, instead of playing, it simply says "This video is private". I tried half a dozen other websites which had a copy of the video as well, and the results were exactly the same: "This video is private". Oddly enough, when I went to the YouTube website a few minutes ago and searched for the video title, I did find it. However, unlike the full-length version which is over an hour and a half long, and more than a gigabyte in file size -- which is what I have on my hard drive -- what I just found on YouTube consists of seven smaller 15-minute segments. Whether or not they are exactly the same as the version that I have, I don't know, and I really don't have the time -- nor the interest -- to find out.

Misguided Personal Speculations and Theories

From beginning to end, Scott's presentation is simply full of misguided personal speculation -- such as the supposed meaning of the name "Elenin" -- while at the same time, offering very limited Biblical fact. Yes, he does quote from the Scriptures, but the way that he interprets some verses is totally wrong. We have already seen how he attempted to incorporate the Hopi legend regarding the Blue Star and the Red Star Kachinas into his twisted theology. Allow me to give you another example.

Is Leonid Elenin a Fictitious Character?

According to some of the people who have been promoting this Comet Elenin hype, the comet was not really named after an amateur Russian astronomer named Leonid Elenin. Oh no; they claim that Mr. Elenin is simply a fictitious character who was dreamed up by who-knows-who.

Tragically, even Scott seems to fall for this nonsense. For example, near the beginning of his video, instead of saying that Comet Elenin "was found by an amateur astronomer out of Russia", he says that it "was allegedly found by an amateur astronomer out of Russia." He offers no serious or reasonable explanation to explain why he doubts this fact. A few minutes later, he makes a similar statement concerning Leonid Elenin where he again says "allegedly". Around the ten-minute mark, Scott makes yet another attempt to discredit Leonid Elenin when he mentions a video that appeared on the web. According to Scott, it may not really be Elenin in the video.

So if we accept Scott's contentions and all of this nonsense, not only did Leonid Elenin not discover the comet that bears his name, but he does not even exist at all; at least so say the conspiracy theorists.

ELE = Extinction Level Event?

As I mentioned in part one of this series, based on certain scenes that are seen in the Hollywood movie "Deep Impact", Scott McAllister and a number of other misguided conspiracy theorists began to promote the belief that the "Ele" in the name "Elenin" should really be written in uppercase letters -- ELE -- because in actuality, it signifies an "Extinction Level Event"; that is, something akin to a major asteroid or comet strike which would wipe out all life on the Planet Earth.


But they had a problem. "ELE" obviously does not spell the full name "Elenin". Somehow, these "ingenious" people had to append a few words to ELE -- or Extinction Level Event -- in order to fully spell out the name "ELENIN". So, without even offering us any kind of an explanation regarding why they did this, they added the doom-filled phrase "Nibiru Is Nigh", or "Nibiru Is Near" to it. Thus ELE + NIN = ELENIN. Presto! How wonderful that we now know what "Elenin" really means! This silliness is included in this video which was made by a man who claims to hear from the Lord, and who wants his viewers to believe that he has Spiritual Discernment. After all, as he himself said at the beginning of the video, we need to wade through the nonsense in order to arrive at the truth. Sorry Scott, but it seems to me that you got stuck in the middle of the stream of deception, and are still wading in the muck yourself.

Another person's inventiveness took a different route. They claim that NASA uses the acronym NIC -- or Notable Impact Crater -- to signify a deep impact crater -- or NI Crater -- of an Extinction Level Event. For some strange reason which is never explained to us -- should we really be surprised? -- this individual simply dropped the final letter "C", added a final "N", and said that it stood for "Nemesis". In other words, according to this individual, "ELENIN" actually stands for "Extinction Level Event Notable Impact Nemesis" in the constellation Leo.

Leonids Meteor Shower

"Why the constellation Leo?" you may ask. Well, it turns out that these "bright" conspiracy theorists claim that the name Leonid -- which you will recall is the first name of the man who discovered Comet Elenin -- really refers to a very famous annual meteor shower. This meteor shower, which is associated with the comet Tempel-Tuttle, radiates from the constellation of Leo, and is thus referred to as the Leonids. This prolific meteor shower peaks in the month of November. This scientific fact has been used by conspiracy theorists such as Scott, to try to validate their claims regarding Comet Elenin; because at the time that I was completing the early version of this series during the end of the first week of November 2011, the Earth was passing through the remnants of Comet Elenin. Unless I am mistaken, Comet Elenin arrived from the direction of the constellation Leo. In short, these misguided doomsday sayers were predicting vast destruction to the Earth as a result of these facts.

Thus, through a combination of imagination and inventiveness, with a little bit of scientific fact thrown into the mix, we arrive at a supposedly "logical" definition of what the name "Leonid Elenin" really means. Let me remind you again that this is the kind of foolish nonsense that Scott promotes in his video, which he says may be his most important prophetic teaching to date. Oh the deception!

Trapped and Deceived by False Information

As I said earlier, while Scott mentions how important it is that we sift through all of the online nonsense in order to hopefully arrive at the truth, it becomes evident just from watching his "Comet Elenin Nibiru Planet X & The Day of The LORD" video that he has become both entrapped and deceived by the very same false information which he claims to shun. Furthermore, as I have already stated, in order to validate his own claims, from almost the very beginning of the video, he makes a conscious effort to cast doubt upon some of the scientific facts regarding Comet Elenin, which I have shared with you in this series.

My Personal Skepticism

Anyone who has read a sufficient amount of my work will know that I am not the most trusting person in the world. This is particularly the case when it concerns government figures, as well as corporate entities, religious leaders, certain people who are involved in the medical profession, lawyers, and of course, much of the information that we find on the Internet. If anything, I tend to be very skeptical and very doubtful about a lot of things. I do not accept things at face value. In the case of Bible Prophecy and doctrinal issues, people have to convince me directly from the Scriptures, before I will accept their particular point of view.

Audience Manipulation and Failed Predictions

However, sometimes facts are just facts, and we can't choose to ignore them or try to cast doubt upon them just because we do not like them, or because they conflict with what we want to believe. In Scott's case, he purposely endeavored to manipulate his audience into thinking the way that he thinks from the very beginning of his video, by using such words as "allegedly". Another way in which he endeavored to cultivate an attitude of paranoia, fear and mistrust of government with his audience was by revealing small pieces of controversial information, as well as by showing short segments of videos which were not even related to each other, and which he did not even seek to explain. He made one prediction after the other; all of which failed to come to pass. Consider the following points:

1. He mentioned Operation Paper Clip and how Nazi scientists were brought to the United States in order to work for the American rocket program. How this ties into Comet Elenin is beyond me. I can only theorize that perhaps he was implying that this same technology was now secretly being used to try to devise a way to either blow up or divert Comet Elenin, or perhaps even the fictional Nibiru itself, as we see in some popular sci-fi catastrophe movies. We really do not know for sure, because Scott does not say. He merely plants a subtle suggestion.

2. He mentioned how the Wise Infrared Space Telescope was shut down in February of 2011 -- supposedly for no apparent reason -- despite the wonderful discoveries which had been made with it. In other words, the message that Scott seemed to want to send to his audience with this comment was that NASA must have something to hide. However, upon conducting additional research for this series, what I discovered is that by October of 2010, the hydrogen coolant that was used in WISE had become depleted. Not only that, but the funding from NASA which would have financed the proposed WISE "warm mission" was not approved. As a result, WISE was extended for only four more months for a program called NEOWISE; the purpose of which was to search for asteroids and comets close to Earth orbit, using the remaining post-cryogenic detection capability of WISE.

3. He shared a portion of a NASA video which encourages NASA employees and their families to work on a Family Preparedness plan in the case of some unforeseen disaster. Scott's obvious intention with this scare tactic was to send the message that the US government was fully aware of an impending disaster as a result of Comet Elenin's approach to the Earth, and was thus warning its people to prepare for it.

4. He showed a Whitehouse letter regarding Near Earth Objects -- or NEO's -- again with no explanation regarding why he was even showing it. I suppose it was meant to serve as another scare tactic, and to indirectly state that the US government really knew what was going on, even if the regular citizenry did not know.

5. He noted that the coordinates which were associated with Comet Elenin point to an area that is located off the coast of Kamchatka, Russia. I have no idea what he was trying to say with this one, unless he was trying to suggest that this was the spot where Elenin would strike the Earth. Who knows.

6. Using the java animation that I included in part one, he attempted to correlate recent strong earthquakes dates with Comet Elenin's orbital location and planetary alignments. He claimed that the earthquakes were occurring due to reactions between the Sun and the comet, and also because of Elenin's hydrogen cyanide composition. Considering how small Elenin was, and its great distance from the Sun and the Earth at the time that these earthquakes occurred, it was really ludicrous to suggest that it played a direct role in causing any of the earthquakes. Thus, he theorized that the main culprits were the planetary alignments. However, apparently, he failed to take into considerations the millions of miles which separate the planets, which would have mitigated any possible effect from such alignments.

7. He claimed that by purposely downplaying the effects that Comet Elenin was having on the Earth, NASA was intentionally being deceptive. Furthermore, Scott claimed that contrary to what NASA was saying, Elenin must be a lot larger than three or four kilometers in diameter, in order to have the effects on the Earth that he believed it was having. In fact, he then proceeded to mention that some people were convinced that the comet was actually larger than the planet Jupiter. According to Scott, as a result, the Earth would experience three days of darkness on September 26, 2011 when Elenin blocked out the Sun due to its large size. Obviously, it did not happen.

8. He claimed that from November 2nd to November 7th of 2011, the Earth would be bombarded with Space debris because Comet Elenin supposedly picked up a lot of asteroids as it traveled through the Asteroid Belt. He claimed that "It's going to look like the stars are falling out of the heavens." Obviously, it never happened.

9. He claimed that the Earth might experience catastrophic earthquakes measuring 12 to 15 on the Richter Scale on November 7, 2011, when the Earth was aligned between Comet Elenin and the Sun. Again, it never happened.

Even before the video was over, it was easy to determine that the man was seriously misguided. For example, one set of dates which he highlighted for something major possibly happening was September 5-6, 2011. Nothing ever happened. That alone should have been a red flag for many Christians. He also claimed that in fulfillment of the Hopi prophecy, on September 11, 2011, Elenin might brighten up like a second Sun and appear with a blue tinge. Again, it did not happen, which was a second red flag for other Christians. In talking about the alignment of the Sun, Comet Elenin and the Earth on September 26, 2011, Scott said "That's going to be very catastrophic." There was nothing catastrophic about the day whatsoever. That was a third red flag for anyone whose eyes were open to the truth regarding this man.

If anything can be said regarding Scott's predictions, it is that they were catastrophic failures. That is the catastrophe in this sad story of profound deception by a man who claimed to be led by the Lord in his understanding, as well as in his pronouncements on the video.

Scott's Grand Finale and Mighty Climax

As I mentioned earlier, throughout the video, Scott's agenda appears to be to prepare his audience for a grand revelation which he will reveal in the closing moments of the video. In fact, he calls this alleged revelation "unbelievably amazing", "incredibly amazing", "the grand finale" and "a mighty climax" to his "lessons" in this video.

So exactly what has Scott been building the suspense towards? After pointing to some verses in the Bible to demonstrate how God set the constellations in the heavens to serve as signs to humanity, explaining the importance of Jewish feast days, and showing how Nibiru has supposedly passed through Gemini and Leo, Scott focuses his audience's attention on Revelation chapter twelve. As you may recall, this chapter describes a woman clothed with the Sun, with the Moon under her feet, and a crown of twelve stars on her head. This woman gives birth to a child who is caught up to Heaven -- meaning Jesus -- and then she is persecuted by the red dragon so that she is forced to flee into the wilderness where she is protected.

Using several different astronomy programs, Scott then shows how the orbits of the Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn and Elenin all pass through the constellation of Virgo at the same time. He also mentions how the head of the constellation Virgo consists of twelve main stars, just like the woman in Revelation. This last point is debatable, because there are many faint stars in Virgo, and different cultures associate different stars with the constellation.

But Scott's primary "revelation" and grand finale -- which he took an hour and a half to lead up to is the following. At the same time that the tail of Comet Elenin is in Virgo's head -- which represents Revelation's twelve stars, according to Scott -- she is clothed with the Sun -- because the Sun is located in the upper portion of Virgo's body -- Venus is positioned in her womb -- representing Jesus who is called the Morning Star -- Saturn is also in her womb -- representing the dragon which is ready to devour the child -- and the Moon is also situated below Virgo's feet, just like in the Book of Revelation.

If you are wondering how Scott associated the planet Saturn with the dragon, he relied upon a crossover between Roman and Greek mythology. You see, the Greek equivalent of the Roman god Saturn was Cronus, or Kronos. Just as Cronus supposedly overthrew his own father, Uranus, Cronus was fearful that his sons would try to overthrow him as well. Thus, Cronus would devour the children which were born to him, just as the red dragon was set to devour the Christ child in Revelation.

Feast of Trumpets and Misguided Predictions

Aside from relying upon astronomy, ancient mythology, God's Word and conspiracy theories to form his crazy speculation -- which he became convinced was his most significant prophetic teaching to date, let's not forget -- Scott mentions the fact that all of these celestial alignments in Virgo were to occur during the two days of the Feast of Trumpets in September of 2011. As you will recall from part one, this was one of the three feast days during which he came to believe Christ might very well return. This is actually a common belief which has been embraced by certain Christian Zionists, of which Scott appears to be one.

In short, Scott became convinced -- and was trying to also convince his audience -- that the events which are described in Revelation chapter twelve, were actually being fulfilled in the constellation of Virgo in September 2011. As a result, he arrived at several "important" conclusions:

1. Christ was going to return very soon (meaning the Feast of Trumpets of 2011).

2. The Rapture would occur very soon as a result of Christ's Return.

3. The Great Tribulation would occur very soon. In his video, Scott claims that this would be the result of occult forces fulfilling their agenda, by initiating World War III in the Middle East.

Disappointing Anticlimax

This then was Scott's supposed grand revelation which had him walking on clouds. After watching the video for an hour and a half, and then watching parts of it again and again so that I could extract precise quotes and other information from it so that I could include it in this series, rather than being met with an "unbelievably amazing", "incredibly amazing", "grand finale" and "a mighty climax", I encountered a disappointing anticlimax. I suppose that I really shouldn't use the word "disappointing", because after I realized how misguided the man is, I had no positive expectations anyway. I just wanted to see where he was going with it.

The fact of the matter is that nothing that Scott teaches in his video came to pass in a prophetic sense. There was really nothing prophetic about it whatsoever. It amounted to a very poor personal theory at best, which was haphazardly thrown together using astronomy, mythology, conspiracy theory, parts of the Bible, and personal conjecture. What Scott did is not that much different from what false prophet Tom Horn did with his "2012: Apollyon Rising" nonsense, which also failed to come to pass. Scott's theory is no different from all of the other failed predictions which have been made regarding Jesus' Return by the likes of Joseph Smith, the Jehovah's Witnesses, William Miller, Charles Taze Russell, Herbert W. Armstrong, William Marrion Branham, David Brandt Berg, Harold Camping, Jerry Falwell, Ronald Weinland, Jack Van Impe, and others who have made similar false predictions.

Please go to part five for the conclusion of this series.

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