What About the Poor? Part 4
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Bill Kochman

Published On :
January 4, 2017

Last Updated :
January 4, 2017

How This Series Began, Just Go With The Flow Of The Spirit, Pivotal Moment In USA With Incoming New President, Personal Politics, Republicans May Soon Bad-Mouth Public Assistance And Related Social Programs, May Claim Such Programs Have Become Too Much Of A Financial Burden And Must Be Changed, Trump And Republicans Will Chip Away At And Weaken Programs, Tougher Eligibility Requirements May Be Coming, Remember Who The Political Snobs Are And What They've Done To You And Your Family, Does This Series Resonate?, I'm Rooting For You, My Concerns Regarding Trump's Campaign Promises, Build The Wall And Build It Tall, Closing Remarks, Suggesting Reading List

In conclusion, when I first began writing this series about twenty-eight hours ago, I honestly didn't know why the Lord had me start writing it. It certainly was not planned, and I had no intention of doing so. It was about 12:30 AM, I had just finished writing a new series of poems, and then bam! I saw that news headline regarding the dire situation in the nation's capital, and that is all that it took to get me going.

In fact, as with all things that I do here, I had no idea in which direction this series would go, once I began it. I did not even know that it would end up being a four-part series. In fact, originally, it was just intended to be a short post on my blog, and not a full-fledge series on my BBB website. Over the years, I have just come to accept that such is just the way in which the Spirit tends to operate. You just have to go with the flow. That has always been my modus operandi insofar as this ministry is concerned. The moment by moment inspiration, not knowing what may come next, not even the next line of an article or a poem, is inspiring. I just sit here, let it rip, and have a blast.

At any rate, upon further reflection, I do have one inkling regarding why this series came at this particular time. It is a pivotal moment in the United States. A new president is about to take office. This man, as I noted earlier, may hurt the very people I have discussed in this series; that is, the poor, the sick and the elderly. Many of you will already know that I endeavor to stay out of politics. I am neither Republican, Democrat or Independent. However, as I've lived out my life in my little "cave" here, I have observed a lot over the years, and I have thus picked up on how the various political parties and factions tend to operate in America.

Based on that, I am getting the sense that what we may soon see -- that is, in coming months -- is a lot of bad-mouthing from the Republican side of the fence, regarding these very public assistance programs I have been discussing, as well as negative talk about Medicare, Social Security, and anything else which helps the poor, the sick, the downtrodden and the elderly. I would not be the least surprised if they start to promote the narrative that such programs cannot continue as they are in their current state. They will probably say that these programs have become too much of a financial burden on the federal government, and on state governments. They may claim that there is just not enough money to run them all in the same fashion as they have been doing for many years now.

Based on what I have read online in recent months -- and it hasn't been a lot, really -- I suspect that they will try to change the nature of some of these programs, particularly because the incoming president is a businessman first and above all. His experience in that field has some positives, as well as some negatives, in my view. At any rate, I think they may want to convert some of these public assistance programs into something more like investments. They may try to turn them more into something like business deals or business arrangements between the government and the people, from which they can profit in some way, but, of course, at our expense.

Generally speaking, I strongly suspect that they will chip away at and weaken some of these programs. They may very well raise the bar even further regarding eligibility requirements as a way to kick even more needy people off of the programs, even though these programs are these people's last resort.

To reiterate, I am talking about such programs as Welfare, SNAP -- a.k.a. Food Stamps -- Medicaid, MIP -- Medically Indigent Program -- WIC, Medicare, Social Security, perhaps programs that assist military veterans, and any number of other government-regulated programs out there that I am not even aware of. I don't know the specifics of any of this. I don't know the details, or exactly what they will do, or how they will implement their plans, but more cuts are more than likely coming. After all, this is what the Republicans have a history of doing.

I just have this sense that they are going to hurt people who find themselves on lower rungs of the social and economic ladder than themselves. However, they will try to soften the blow and dress it up nicely in public by saying that they are actually strengthening these programs, and ensuring these programs' survival, and saving money at the same time. Sound familiar?

Now, when they start to throw this nonsense at us, and try to convince us why all of their harsh measures are so necessary, I would like you to remember a few things. They are the ones who are throwing billions of dollars at foreign governments, while their own constituents hurt, are hungry, are homeless, go jobless, have no medical coverage, are depressed, and in some cases, are dying. They are the ones who throw their lavish Washington, D.C. parties. They are the ones who drive ridiculously expensive cars, while the rest of America must be happy with the bottom of the line.

They are the ones who have their own full medical and dental coverage with the very best doctors, because what the rest of America uses is simply not good enough for them and their well-heeled tastes. They are also the ones whose own sons and daughters are very rarely ever sent to fight in America's foreign wars, while the rest of America sends their sons and daughters willingly or out of necessity, and then grieves when those same sons and daughters come home psychologically messed up, maimed, or even in wooden boxes with an American flag draped over them. They are the ones who smile before the cameras, kiss babies and shake hands, and then complain behind closed doors about what a burden we are to them.

Are you getting the picture yet? Do you think that I am being a bit overly dramatic or over-exaggerating? Do you think I am being a little too harsh on our more-than-well-paid "public servants"? I didn't think so. I am willing to bet that this series has resonated with quite a few of you, and that you are shouting "Amen, Bill! You hit it right on the head! That is exactly how I feel too!". God's Spirit is faithful, my friends.

On a final note, even though I do not personally live in the continental United States of America, I want you to know that if you are personally suffering in some way as a result of the current wave of legal and illegal immigration, I am rooting for you. I truly hope that President-elect Donald Trump proves himself to be a man of resolve who will indeed fulfill all of his major campaign promises, even though I am a realist, and already know that this is highly doubtful and improbable. Things never work out that way, do they?

You need to understand that for months now, the Republicans have had plenty of time to pound away at Mr. Trump's personal convictions, and try to weaken them in different areas. Even though they have tried to display a unified front following Donald Trump's totally unexpected electoral victory, serious differences do exist between Trump and the other Republicans, as you may already know. So time will reveal exactly how much Trump is going to do for the benefit of the American people in general, and not just for the upper crust.

At the very least, I hope that the President-elect builds that border wall from one end to the other. I think you folks needed it yesterday. I am not talking about something similar to the flimsy structures which exist now, or just adding more border fences -- which, in the end, is what Mr. Trump may try to get away with doing, if his resolve weakens too much.

When I think of a border wall, I think of something like what they show in the Maze Runner series of movies; that is, this gigantic, unscalable structure; an impenetrable barrier made out of concrete and steel, with sensors, and flashing lights, and the whole works. Just as ancient Roman siege walls were wide enough on top for Roman chariots to ride across, it would be great if the wall on America's southern border was likewise wide enough for the border patrol vehicles to ride across as well, similar to some of those huge dams that they build. It needs to be something very intimidating, which sends the clear message "You are not allowed in here, unless we want you in here." That is the only thing that some folks seem to understand, apparently.

With these thoughts, I will bring this series to a close. I pray that it has been informative, and a blessing to many. If you happen to have a user account with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, etc, I would also very much appreciate if you would take the time to click on the corresponding links that are found on this page. Feedback in the form of comments on the various social networks in which I participate are likewise greatly appreciated, and encourage my heart, because they show me that you are actually reading what I write and share with the world. Thank you so much, and may God bless you abundantly!

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