Y2K: How Bad Will It Get? Part 2

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Authored By  :
Bill Kochman

Published On :
October 14, 1999

Last Updated :
January 3, 2009

NOTE: This article or series has not been updated recently. As such, it may possibly contain some outdated information, and/or ideas and beliefs which I no longer embrace, or which have changed to some degree.

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As I concluded in part one, the situation in ancient Israel
deteriorated to such a degree following the Babylonian
conquest, that the Jews were eating their own children. Now,
the question we must ask ourselves is this: Might the
effects of the Y2K glitch possibly result in similar dire
situations occurring in some places around the world? Will
the world financial system break down to such a degree, and
will modern technology be so set back by the Y2K problem,
that the distribution of food and other necessities of life
will be severely hampered? Might civil unrest in the form of
rioting mobs, desperate for food, water, and heat, further
restrict our ability to secure our most basic needs? Again,
I am not a prophet; and thus, I cannot provide you with a
sound answer to these questions. All I can do is share with
you the verses I believe the Lord gave me; and they ought to
shock and wake up anyone who has procrastinated in their
preparation for the possible effects of Y2K.

Before concluding this article, there is one more important
point which we must cover. I have already mentioned the
startling parallels between the situation which existed in
ancient Israel, and modern-day America. Just as those Jews
claimed to worship the one true God, so-called 'Christian
America' also makes the same claim. 'Oh yes; we are the most
Christian nation upon the face of the Earth. God bless
America; the home of the free and the land of the brave! We
are good little Christians who go to church every Sunday!';
and on and on they continue with their false, self-righteous
facade. Well, let me ask you: Did God spare sinful Israel
just because she claimed with her lips that she worshipped
Him, even though her heart was far from Him, and she had
gone awhoring after other gods? The answer is an obvious
'no!'. In fact, about six hundred years later, the situation
had still not improved; and this is why even Jesus said of
those stubborn Jews:

"Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying,
This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and
honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from
me." Matthew 15:7,8, KJV

If the Lord did not spare ancient Israel, who claimed to be
His people, why then should He spare modern-day, wicked,
adulterous, sinful America, who is guilty of some of the
very same sins? Just like the rebellious Jewish leadership,
America is very corrupt in a political sense, in a religious
sense, in an educational sense, and yes, she even sacrifices
millions of her unborn children upon the bloody altar of the
abortionist's table in the modern false temples known as
Planned Parenthood Clinics! America doesn't need to resort
to worshipping ancient pagan gods like Molech, Baal and
Ishtar; after all, she has her own gods like materialism,
economic power, and military might; and she is drunken with
the same! As with the ancient Israelites, God brought our
forefathers into a plentiful, beautiful country, but their
descendants have defiled her beyond measure through their
many sins and abominable practices:

"And I brought you into a plentiful country, to eat the
fruit thereof and the goodness thereof; but when ye entered,
ye defiled my land, and made mine heritage an abomination."
Jeremiah 2:7, KJV

Having now shared the previous points with you, allow me to
open your eyes to one final startling truth found in the
following verse which comes right after the previous verses
regarding the severity of the famine in Judah:

"The kings of the earth, and all the inhabitants of the
world, would not have believed that the adversary and the
enemy should have entered into the gates of Jerusalem."
Lamentations 4:12, KJV

Isn't that amazing? The pagan world was shocked when they
learned that Nebuchadnezzar had successfully entered and
destroyed Jerusalem! All of the nations around Israel had
heard of how the God of the Jews had delivered them out of
Egyptian bondage through many signs, wonders and plagues.
All of the pagan nations knew that the God of Israel had
delivered the land of Canaan into their hands. Surely this
was a blessed people who followed and pleased their powerful
God. Surely He would never let any evil befall His chosen
people. Isn't this the attitude of many proud, haughty
Americans today? With the so-called demise of the U.S.S.R.,
and the current, serious political and economic problems
occuring in the Russian Federation, President Clinton, and
Americans in general, seem to be of the attitude that 'We
are the people! We are invincible! We are immortal! God is
with us! No one can stop us now! We will rule the world!'.
Just like the mysterious lady, Babylon the Great Whore, who
rides and fornicates with the Beast and the world in the
Book of Revelation, America also proudly boasts:

"...I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no
sorrow." Revelation 18:7b, KJV

They thought that it couldn't happen to Jerusalem, but it
did; because God was no longer with the backslidden Jews,
just as He is no longer with backslidden America; even
though she still goes through the motions of pretending to
be Christian. Yes, there are still some sincere Christians
in America, but they are ruled over by a very antichrist
government! If our God is indeed a righteous God, which I
believe that He is, then He can no more overlook the sins of
America, than He did the sins of Israel. Sooner or later, He
must judge her severely for her sins. The question is, might
the effects of the Y2K glitch so weaken the nation, that she
will be more vulnerable to attack both from within and from

Some conspiracy theorists are convinced of this very fact.
Depending upon who you listen to, there are various schools
of thought. Some believe that at the height of the confusion
which will result from the Y2K fiasco, America is going to
become the target of a deadly multiple nuclear strike by her
foreign enemies. This idea coincides with the belief that
America is the Biblical Babylon the Great Whore which will
be burned with nuclear fire by the Beast and the Ten Horns.
Personally, as I explain in 'Revelation's Babylon The Great
Whore', I am not of this persuasion, and am not currently
convinced that this is Scripturally-sound doctrine.

Other conspiracy theorists suggest that the United States is
so divided politically and socially at this present time,
that she is ripe for a civil war. It is said that this war
will be aimed at the oppressive American government, and
that it wil be lead by self-styled, conservative, Christian
patriots and militiamen, who are already well-organized and
well-armed, and just waiting for the right moment to strike.
The wideespread confusion which may result from the Y2K
meltdown, just might be the catalyst which will provide them
with the opportunity they need in order to trigger this war,
and give it legitimacy in the eyes of the general public.

In either of the two previous scenarios, it is assumed that
the American government will use the situation to suddenly
declare martial law. Another belief which seems to be quite
popular amongst conspiracy theorists, and which is also
heavily propagated on the Internet, is that America will
soon face an invasion by foreign forces, possibly under the
flag of the United Nations. Those who support this view, say
that this will occur with the consent of President Clinton,
who is a Rhodes Scholar, and who thus supports the idea of a
New World Order, with a One World Religion. They also claim
that Bill Clinton knows that the Christians in America, and
many Americans in general, will not agree to such a hostile
takeover; thus, the president will bring in foreign U.N.
troops in order to subjugate the American people. From what
I have read on this topic, it seems that the general belief
is that American soldiers would never do such things to
their own people; thus, it must be handled by foreigners who
are not biased towards Americans, since they are not their
own countrymen.

On the other hand, there are those, like the mass media for
example, who claim that the Clinton administration is on the
side of the American people. They have widely publicized the
fact that the government is aware of all of these potential
dangers which may be brought to fruition by terrorists, by
computer hackers, by American patriots, by hostile foreign
governments, etc., under the cloak of confusion caused by
the Y2K glitch, and that it is taking the necessary steps in
order to try to avoid such scenarios. If we stop to consider
some of the news headlines of the past few months, we have
read of numerous cyber-attacks, of supposed espionage by the
Chinese, of North Korean threats to launch a missle attack
against the USA, etc.

As I stated earlier, I honestly do not know what is going to
happen before, on, and after January 1, 2000 arrives. As to
all of these possibilities put forth by theorists, I prefer
to leave them in the realm of speculation where they belong,
and trust more in the guidance I believe I have received
from the Lord. While I am personally in the midst of storing
up supplies for a seven month period, how much you stock up
is according to your personal faith and leading from the
Lord. Let me reiterate that it is probable that different
areas of the world will be affected in different ways, and
to different degrees, depending in part, on how much they
rely upon computer technology, and to what degree they have
successfully corrected the situation. Because of this fact,
a seven month supply of goods may be too much for you, or
possibly not enough.

If you are one who resides in a heavily populated country,
and particularly in a city with a dense population, then I
urge you to aim for a longer survival period; because if the
commercial system really does fall apart at the seams, the
cities will become extremely dangerous madhouses, as they
will be the most affected by the Y2K glitch. Let me also add
that while I am preparing for a seven month survival period,
this does not necessarily mean that it will begin exactly on
January 1, 2000. It will actually commence if and when food
supplies at the supermarket run out, or else when it becomes
too dangerous to go out and purchase them.

Please realize that if the situation does deteriorate as
much as some people are suggesting that it will, you have
acted wisely and gained everthing by being prepared. On the
other hand, if absolutely nothing happens, or at least very
little, you will have lost nothing. You will still be able
to eat your food, or continue to store it in rotation until
the next possible emergency arrives. In short, by obeying
the Lord's counsel to prepare for the coming evil, you are a
winner either way; and hopefully, if you prepared wisely,
and fully, you will avoid a terrible situation such as that
which was endured by the ancient Israelites who slowly died
from hunger because of the Lord's severe chastisements upon
His people.

As a closing remark, please remember that all things come
from the Hand of God, no matter what people of the world may
say. He is in control of His creation, and He is the one who
moves it in any given direction. If you are pleasing HIm by
obeying Him, then you really have nothing to worry about;
and worrying is the last thing that we should do anyway; for
as His Word tells us:

"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed
on thee: because he trusteth in thee." Isaiah 26:3, KJV

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power,
and of love, and of a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7, KJV

"And we know that all things work together for good to them
that love God, to them who are the called according to his
purpose." Romans 8:28, KJV

Look at it this way. The Lord will either take care of us,
or else He will choose to take us Home to be with Him. So
again we see that either way, we are winners. Personally
though, as I explain in 'Heaven's Gate: Suicide, The Right
Way To Go?', it is my belief that if we are being faithful
Christian witnesses, then the Lord wants us to survive in
this life for as long as possible, in order that we might
accomplish the tasks He has given each of us to do. As such,
please be wise and prepare now while calm still reigns in
your area of the world, and while there are still supplies
on the shelves. Not only will you be glad you did, but you
will be obeying the Lord as well. I truly hope that this
article has struck your heart, stirred you up, and motivated
you as it is intended to do. May the Lord bless you as you
continue to obey Him.

With these thoughts, I will bring this article to a close. It is my hope that you have found it informative, enlightening, and I pray that it has been a blessing in your life as well. If you have an account with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or with any other social network, I would really appreciate if you'd take the time to click or tap on the corresponding link that is found on this page. Thanks so much, and may God bless you abundantly!

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