China-Taiwan-USA War: Guam Will Be the Spearhead!

If you have been paying close attention to the news — and not being distracted by all of the fluff stories and red herrings which are intentionally being disseminated by the liberal mainstream media — you will know that a major war may soon — within a few years — break out between China and the United States — possibly involving Japan and the Philippines as well — due to Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s clear intention to take control of the island nation of Taiwan, which Xi views as a part of mainland China. In fact, latest predictions state that this major war may possibly occur as soon as 2025!

However, what you may not know is that when this inevitable war occurs, the island of Guam, located in the Mariana Islands in the Western Pacific Ocean — will be at the very center of this war, and will in fact serve as the U.S. military’s spearhead in the war, despite the fact that we do not want to be targeted by China, Russia, North Korea, or anyone else.

Being as I have lived on Guam for over three decades now, I am very concerned about this situation, as is everyone here. As such, I have been collecting the following list of news articles and BBB blog posts to share with my online friends and family, which will explain to you exactly how and why the island of Guam will be seriously affected when the China-Taiwan-USA war begins in earnest. These articles will give you quite an education. Please do pray for us, if you feel so led, because it is not a matter of IF this war will occur, but rather of WHEN it will occur. GBY, and thank you!

1. U.S. victory for Taiwan’s freedom from China comes at high price:

2. Missile Defense of Guam Is ‘Big Issue,’ DOD Official Says:

3. Chinese aircraft carrier nears US territory of Guam:

4. Navy intel chief: China building for war ‘in every area’:

5. Pentagon to bolster Guam’s defenses with new missiles, radars:

6. Air Force general tells troops to prepare for war with China, predicts invasion of Taiwan in 2025:

7. China held Taiwan war council in October, general’s memo reveals:

8. Rep. Michael McCaul: Risk of conflict with China over Taiwan is ‘very high’:

9. US, Philippines announce new agreement to ramp up military presence amid China-Taiwan tensions:

10. War games show Guam as likely target if China takes Taiwan:

11. U.S. to expand defenses with regional allies around China:

12. WAR IS COMING! Pray for Guam!:

13. Island Chain Strategy Definition:

14. First Island Chain Definition:

15. Second Island Chain Definition:

16. China will target the US homeland in war over Taiwan, Army leader predicts:

17. CIA’s judgment is Xi has ‘doubts’ about success of possible Taiwan invasion:

18. Navy intel chief warns the U.S. is naive about threat from China:

19. Army secretary, top general push for bigger role as China tensions surge:

20. U.S. to sell 100s of F-16 missiles to Taiwan amid rising tensions with China:

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